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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: [Repo][Proposal] OOO340 SVN Dump file import
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2011 06:38:05 GMT
On 15.08.2011 23:48, Michael Stahl wrote:

> On 15.08.2011 18:46, Rob Weir wrote:
>> We've been discussing for two months now how to get Hg over to SVN.
>> There have been several suggestions for how the CWS's and complete
>> revision history could be migrated over, but little progress has been
>> made.  Either the proposals didn't work, or no volunteers stepped
>> forward to implement them.
>> The alternative proposal was to just check in the tip of the trunk,
>> without history, and then migrate Hg to, where Hg is
>> supported.  I've made some progress on this proposal.
> very good!
>> Here's what I did.  I'd like some review, to make sure I didn't screw
>> anything up. I am neither an Hg nor a SVN expert.  But I do have a big
>> harddrive.
>> I used Subversion command-line client, version
>> 1.6.17-SlikSvn-tag-1.6.17@1130896-WIN32.
>> I first brought down OOo, both the trunk and the language stuff, into
>> separate directories:
>> hg clone
>> hg clone
>> I then moved these into a common directory structure, as Ingrid had
>> earlier suggested:
>> ooo/trunk/core --- all the OOO340 stuff
>> ooo/trunk/l10n -- all the language stuff
>> I removed the .Hg directories before proceeding, so I had a clean local copy.
>> I then created a local SVN repository, enabled auto-props to get the
>> proper EOL treatment and imported the project:
>> svn import c:\merged file:///c:/svn-repo/ -m "initial import"
> a potential issue when doing the import on windows is that the execute 
> bit of the files may get lost (i think windows filesystems don't support 
> that natively).

Ah, yes, that's a good point. From past experience I don't recommend
doing any critical work on OOo repositories on Windows. Even cygwin is
just a crudge and there are many pitfalls. As this should be the base
work for the new project we definitely should take no risk here and do
the import and create the svn dump on Linux or Mac OSX.


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