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From TerryE <>
Subject Re: Request for comments: Community Wiki Services web page.
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 09:37:41 GMT
On this type of discussion, it's easier for everyone if we stand 
on-topic so that we can structure threads

On 08/08/11 00:53, Rob Weir wrote:
> At steps 10 and 12, you have "branding changes"  We should list
> exactly what that entails, especially since we'll want the
> reapplication step 12 to be quick.
> I assuming that under the name "branding changes" we include:
> 1) ->  Apache and associated logo changes
> 2) Removal of Oracle logos and name
> 3) Replacement of privacy policy and disclaimer
> 4) Update of page edit license text to require Apache 2.0 for new contributions
Yes, good points, though such content changes are functionally separate 
from the (infrastructure) migration.  I have suggested in a separate 
branch that we set up separate task area with its own leader to work 
these issues.
> 5) Suspension of legacy wiki admins or other super users who have not
> been appointed to their role by the PPMC.  We could be proactive in
> this by identifying such users and inviting them to join the project
> now, to ensure no loss of continuity.
You have made this point a number of times on other threads and had a 
range of robust responses.  This is nothing to do with branding changes 
and its not good DL etiquette to go off topic to cross-link 
discussions.  Perhaps we need a specific thread on this, but not on this 
discussion, please.

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