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From Terry Ellison <>
Subject Re: Request for comments: Community Wiki Services web page.
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 09:22:13 GMT
On 07/08/11 23:38, Terry Ellison wrote:
> I've just finished a 1st cut of outstanding tasks and issues for the 
> Wiki.
> See 
> Comments gratefully received on this DL and/or on the page itself.
> Thanks Terry
<snip -- a tree of comments>

Thank-you all for your replies so far.  I will work through and respond 
to individual points in thread at the appropriate branch, but here I 
just wanted to propose that we divide the Wiki migration into two 
separate but task areas:

    * Migration of the infrastructure service.  What drives this is if
      Oracle decides, say, that the current hardware is being turned off
      on the XXth of Aug, then we need to move the service to a box in  The issues here are largely technical heavily involve
      the infrastructure team.  We need to be able to move quickly on
      this and few of the DL contributors have strong opinions here. 
      They just want the 'magic to happen'.  Yes, there are a few
      decisions to be made, but the questions are a little esoteric for
      most DL members.  I offer to continue to lead this work area.

    * Migration of the wiki content / policy.  Here we have a range of
      widely and strongly held views and the DL seems to be acting as a
      debating shop without convergence to consensus on some points. 
      This debate could still be continuing in 3 months time as far as I
      can see.  I don't want it to get in the way of infrastructure
      migration -- except when /absolutely/ necessary.  It also makes
      sense to break this task area further if this means that we can
      make progress in some areas, even if stalled in others.

Whilst I don't want to make specific points here, let me use one as an 
example of how we can sentence issues to keep these task areas 
separate:  Rob made some important points about branding.  Yes these 
need documented, resolved and actioned, but from an infrastructure 
viewpoint I don't really care this branding process can be encapsulated 
and detached.

    * We make the pre-prod wiki available to the "branding team"
    * The branding team agree and implement the branding changes that
      the project wants to have in place for cut-over day.  In practice
      this could involve the creation or modification of content in the
      Main, File, MediaWiki, Wiki and Template Namespaces
    * I can use standard MW audit functionality to capture a list of all
      such pages, and then standard MW export functionality to create an
      XML.GZ dump of this work.
    * We then import the "live" wiki as part of cut-over.
    * I then reimport the above XML.GZ to reapply the branding changes
      to the migrated wiki.

So my suggestion is to keep the infrastructure and content issues 
separate.  I can lead on the first.  We need someone who can lead on the 
second. His or her strengths should be that he/she has experience of 
delivery -- that is can make things happen -- and has a good working 
knowledge of more advance MW features such as templates, etc.  I would 
think that either Drew or TJ would be well qualified, but that is only 
my personal suggestion.

Please use my reply to Rob to discuss branding specifics and this branch 
to discuss the concept of this split and the resourcing of this second 
task area.  Better still create a separate topic on this point.

Again, thanks everybody.  //Terry

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