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From TerryE <>
Subject Re: Access to wiki
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2011 17:48:55 GMT
On 07/08/11 18:43, Terry Ellison wrote:
> On 07/08/11 18:25, Dave Fisher wrote:
>> <snip>
>> I was looking at the various user groups on this page: 
>> I see that only Clayton is in the WikiEditor group. Should you be in 
>> that group as well?
>> It should be possible to alter the login page to show any important 
>> information we want to share about the migrated site, correct? With 
>> possibly a survey?
>> Also, what is the purpose of the Bots group?
> The WikiEditor group is the default group for a MediaWiki extension, 
> FlaggedRevisions, which facilitates some of the control functionality 
> that Rob, you and other have been asking for.  If you look at 
> Clayton's status page, this extension isn't yet put to use.  A job for 
> post transition, I think. But that's why Clayton is the only current 
> member.
> Yes, the Main_Page is a restricted page, but anyone can take a copy 
> and work on it in their User page hierarchy.  When we have a consensus 
> that it's OK then I can move it back into main.
> The bots group is for a  function supported by MediaWiki  where it 
> provides an XMLPRC to all batch process to  work on the wiki.  In this 
> case Clayton and co used the PyWikipediabot (I think) to carry out 
> bulk transactions. This needs an account with special privileges.
> Hope this helps.  Terry
Sorry Mind Fart.  The phrase should read "it provides an XMLRPC based 
API to allow batch processes to work on the wik"

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