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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: Access to wiki
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2011 13:11:50 GMT
On 8/7/2011 08:39, Simon Phipps wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 10:11 PM, Rob Weir<>  wrote:
>> Maybe I'm too skeptical,  but do we really have thousands of non core
>> project members dropping in for minutes at a time, adding information
>> on the architecture of OOo?  And build instructions? Looking at the
>> history of these pages, it looks more like this is core dev-enabling
>> information that should be part of the core project website
> "Thousands" is hyperbole. The wiki has been a meta-community resource
> throughout the history of the project, and shutting it down so the only way
> to use it is to sign up to Apache is the wrong move. I see a whole lot of
> YAGNI thinking going on here. How about adopting the principle of being as
> permissive as possible until there's a problem that needs solving?
> S.
We seem to be searching for excuses to impose high-entry-barrier 
("high-bar") solutions on the wiki. This, for a wiki, is rather like 
spanking the baby with an ax: it /works/, but ...

If we break the problems up a bit, some low-bar solutions become inviting.

The most urgent problem is to control any new contributions to the wiki, 
in a way that is acceptable to our TLA partners. Fortunately, there is a 
general way, already vetted by thousands of corporate lawyers, and 
familiar to everyone who's ever downloaded any software (including 
ours!): call it the "EULA page". On account creation (or reactivation) 
the user either accepts the license, or the account remains read-only. 
We can reinforce this with messages on the edit page, footer messages, 
&c, until all authorities are satisfied.

I think we have consensus that this will take time and effort; it is not 
amenable to a sweeping solution. Fortunately, we have the time, and 
probably the effort; while important, this problem is not urgent. We 
have particular and drastic solutions (block, delete) for any particular 
problem that may become urgent.

This deserves a long discussion in a separate thread. The OO.o low-bar 
solutions worked poorly for IP, but reasonably well (IMHO) for 
integrity. The general C-T-R method on the wiki is compatible with the 
Apache Way, and lives or dies by the effectiveness of the "review" part. 
We can do this.


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