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From Terry Ellison <>
Subject Re: Migrating the web forums at to Apache servers
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2011 10:08:47 GMT
On 05/08/11 08:10, eric b wrote:
> Le 5 août 11 à 03:12, Pedro Giffuni a écrit :
>> Yes, it will continue to be inclusive for all OpenOffice derivatives.
> So I'm still wondering why OOo4Kids and OOoLight are yet not listed ...
The short answer is no once has asked or the demand isn't there -- yet.  
The long answer is slightly more complex:

Historically and (possibly with some tweaks) going forward, the people 
who make the policy decision on the forums are the people who contribute 
to them. In a 100% community run effort, IFAIK, this is the only formula 
that will work.

We have four of user -- remembering we run 9 national language (NL) 
forums which are largely separate communities.

    * per NL forum -- admins (that is within the phpBB application, not
      on the underlying system), though I do all of the admin for most
      forums, since there is a big learning curve here but in terms of
      transactions the load is featherweight.
    * per NL forum -- moderators who do the active moderation
    * big contributors -- We call these Community Volunteers or just
      Volunteers for short.
    * lastly we have an aggregate in the EN for called NL Adminstrators
      whice every NL admin and moderator is invited to join.

On the EN forum we run two closed sub-forums: one "EN - Forum Issues 

for discussing policy issues, and one "Site - Forum Administration 

for wider admin issues.  We do this in English, but members opinions are 
weighted if they are representing an NL consensus (e.g. our committers 
Zoltán Reizinger and Kazunari Hirano represent the HU and JA 
communities).  Sorry BTW if you try to access these, but they are closed 
so that we can be more frank amongst ourselves in discussion.  Each 
other NL forum has a closed Forum Issues forum to manage its business.

Policy issues are discussed here and it is the consensus here that sets 
policy.  So for example we had a long debate on whether to support 
LibreOffice when the Oracle view seemed to us to be hostile to this.  
Our strong consensus was that in reality there is one OOo community, and 
so it made sense to do so.

The issue about supporting any specific product, however, is that you 
need enough active volunteers with knowledge of the specific flavour to 
credibly offer support.  I don't think we've reached that threshold for 
OOo4Kids and OOoLight yet.


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