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From Terry Ellison <>
Subject Re: Questions: LAMP and PHPBB for
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 14:41:55 GMT
On 01/08/11 10:01, Gavin McDonald wrote:
> Hi Terry, I have no issues with mysql, we have a few under VMs and are ok, we could move
> to postgres at a later date if needed - if we went that far I'd also consider moving
to FreeBSD.
> Anyway, for now, can you give me some Ubuntu VM specs so I can create them for the Forums
> and the Wiki -- we can then get them setup and working as a test and ready for a final
> when we switch over, in the meantime we can check the loads of the VM hosts etc to be
> all will be ok.
> Just amount of RAM and disk  space required should be all I need - and 1 or 2 cpu , then
I'll get an
> Ubuntu VM up for each. We try and stick to LTS releases so will get it to 10.04.3 LTS
version unless
> you have a reason we should use a later Ubuntu release.
I track Ubuntu current for my laptop and home server, and use Ubuntu LTS 
by preference for my LAMP VMs.  I use a 2 disk split with a common 
immutable system image and an app-specific /var (with callback hooks in 
the startup so the app can tailor the system).  I've just rebaseline my 
VMs from 10.04-1 LTS to 10.03-1 LTS.  If you guys have already developed 
an Ubuntu VM template then I can always pick up that. If not then I'll 
write up my template and make sure the licensing of my IPR / content is 
OK, so you have the option to reuse it.

I would prefer to stick with Ubuntu VMs for now because I like to keep 
local mirrors of any prod system for release development/rehearsal and 
hunting down live problems.  I currently use VirtualBox, but I can 
reinstall VMserver on my local server so that I can switch my VMs from 
VBox Guest Utils to VMware Tools.  (I like to exactly mirror any prod 
systems locally.)

Installing and getting to grips with the bowels of FreeBSD server is 
just another learning curve that I would like to avoid at the moment.  
I've already got a learning curve on compliance with your own 
infrastructure standards on Identification & Access Control, Backup, 
Logging, Intrusion Detection, Status Report, ....


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