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From Stephan Bergmann <>
Subject Re: How to rebuild types.rdb ?
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 18:20:14 GMT
On Aug 16, 2011, at 9:27 AM, eric b wrote:
> Le 16 août 11 à 08:34, Mathias Bauer a écrit :
>> On 16.08.2011 01:31, eric b wrote:
>>> Doing some performance tests, I just figured out the types.rdb file is a binary
file, just provided in the sources.
>>> Can someone explain me :
>>> - why a binary blob is directly provided in sources ?
>>> ( OOO320_m1x  for instance, but DEV300 is probably the same)
>> I think that this is the reference file that is used to check the IDL files against
incompatible changes.
> Thanks to confirm what I had in mind :-)
> Does this method to allow " growing" only ?  If we systematicaly compare
to an existing but fixed blob, we have no way to remove useless/no longer needed services
? (but maybe I misunderstood )

The relevant items in types.rdb are flagged as "published," meaning they must not change or
be taken away (unless we want to become incompatible).

> With a cold start, occurs a big and costly I/O read write process. Searching what seems
to cause that, it appears the .rdb files are good candidates. I can be plain wrong, but I
think there are a lot of services embedded in the interface, who probably could be loaded
... say somethingl like on demand or at least differently, no ?

Reading a few large files during startup is typically faster overall than reading information
in small chunks, on demand.  (That's why I changed the configmgr's .xcs/.xcu files, combining
them into a handful of large .xcd files, for example.)  And yes, Mathias, IIRC Matthias did
indeed improve something about the performance of the binary format used by types.rdb not
too long ago, but can't remember what it was.

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