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From Simon Phipps <>
Subject Re: Access to wiki
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 13:30:37 GMT

On 4 Aug 2011, at 03:32, Jean Hollis Weber wrote:

> I've got completely lost in all the mutations of the "Refactoring"
> thread, and don't recall all that has been said, so please forgive me if
> what I'm about to suggest has been dealt with already.
> Two low-barrier methods I have seen work quite successfully on wikis,
> forums, and similar sites are:
> 1) People must ask for an account; they can't self-subscribe. Nothing is
> required except a few words about who you are and why you want an
> account. Any one of several people authorised to approve or reject these
> requests can deal with them expeditiously. Very few spammers, in my
> experience, take the trouble to actually request accounts.
> 2) Alternatively, or in addition, the first X edits/ contributions/
> whatever are moderated by a group of people, any one of whom can approve
> or reject the items. After X acceptable contributions, the person is
> then allowed to edit the wiki without further supervision -- until or
> unless they start posting inappropriate material such as spam. Again,
> very few spammers will take the trouble to post some useful info before
> going into spam mode.
> These methods deal with the vast majority, if not all, of the concerns I
> have seen Rob expressing about systems with no control at all, but at
> the same time they do not require more time or commitment on the
> contributors' part to be authorised to participate.
> AFAIK, most wikis & similar sites provide some way to limit the editing
> of specific pages to a smaller group of people (admins or whatever).

These both seem good proposals.


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