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From Eric Hoch <>
Subject Re: domains transferred to ASF
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2011 11:23:07 GMT
Hi Rob, 
Am Wed, 17 Aug 2011 16:00:56 -0400 schrieb Rob Weir:

> Most of these don't appear to have much independent content.  I wonder
> whether something like this would be more maintainable going forward,
> to have a destination page for each language:
> Assuming our eventual TLP home is:, then
> we could have:
> and so on.


> Then have the existing domain names redirect to these.
> Alternatively, we could do this via addresses:
> or even via subdomains:
> http://pl.openoffice.orgl

I would prefer this solution over the above one if we relay on the domain and not choose to use<locale>
> But I think this all leads back to the same basic question:  Do we
> want users to have a different home page than project volunteers?  I
> think so. 

Why shouldn't we. We've had great success with our website were we had two separate channels one for 
end-users and one for project volunteers. At the beginning of I noticed that a lot of volunteers, including 
myself, started out with a question on an end-user mailinglist, 
stuck around there for a while, subscribing to the dev-mailinglist 
and so on and all that could be done without or a very basic and 
low level of English. This gives a project a boost if it can serve 
it's core products and services around it in the native language. 
I'd also say that imo the willingness to help as a volunteer is a 
bit higher if you have informations in your native tongue then in a 
foreign language you may not be that familiar with. The 
informations for project volunteers needn't be as detailed as on 
the international apache project website but they should be allowed 
for each native language community and to their extend how much 
information for developers and project volunteers they want to 
present on their native language homepage. 

This may be different to other Apache project but OOo as and 
end-user focused software is indeed different to the other Apache 
projects. Most other Apache projects are from it-interests for 
other it-interests. OOo is from it-interests for end-users and 
end-users here ideally become contributors and project volunteers 
but the smallest amount of them become coders. 

>But we can still do that page via markdown, stored in SVN.
> The question is only what domain names we direct to those pages.

I would redirect to or 
leave it as it is. 


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