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From "Andre Schnabel" <>
Subject Re: Fundraising
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2011 10:26:20 GMT
Hi Eric,

> Von: eric b
> Gesendet: 16.08.11 12:10 Uhr

> Please don't get me wrong : it is not used, because _nobody_ 
> maintains it, not because we do not want to maintain it :-)
> And at the end, we have several possibilities: either it is 
> unmaintained intentionaly, or people ignore we exist. Did you invite 
> someone to be our voice in Germany ? If you did, maybe you could 
> redo, just in case ... ?

aifair, FroDev (OOoDev at that time) was asked to host the site
for the educoo project. It's normally up to the project to find
people to put in content. Of course you can come around and blame
my grandma that she didn't ask anoyone to put content on the
educoo site. I can confirm, she never did.

So if there is no need for educoo project to have a german site,
feel free to indicate this - we can use the money and infrastrucutre
for other things.

If educoo volunteers just do not know how to put content to the 
site, please contact the frodev board or Florian (he can surely
point you to the right people).



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