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From Graham Lauder <>
Subject Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for August 2011 (
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2011 11:47:00 GMT
Apologies for taking so long with this, it got a bit wordy and needed a bit of 
slash and burn.

Draft inline:


* entered incubation 2011-06-13. is an open-source, office-document productivity suite providing six 
productivity applications based around the OpenDocument Format (ODF). is released on multiple platforms.  Its localizations support 110 
languages worldwide.

* Issues

Some challenges exist: Under SUN/Oracle, semi-autonomous single focus 
"projects" were the basis of structure of OOo, many would like a similar 
system to be used under Apache. By contrast a single overarching authority is 
proposed with oversight of the entire project by the (P)PMC.  Discussions are 

Discussions with regard to licensing, especially with regards to 
documentation, are continuing.    

* Community development progress

As of 2011-08-06, 71 committers, 52 on the PPMC up from 56 and 49 at last 

Steps are continuing to bring onboard the last of the initial Committers who 
have not yet provided an ICLA. 

208 people are subscribed to the ooo-dev list.  124 people have posted to the 
list of those 59 have more than 10 posts.  9 posters have more than 50 posts 

User related queries or posts were virtually nil. 

The shape and methodology of the Community Outreach is still in discussion 

An OOo blog has been initiated and is getting a high number of hits daily

* Project development progress

The grant from Oracle America, Inc for OpenOffice trademarks, logos, domain 
names has been received.

Work with Infra: OOo Mediawiki has been successfully moved onto Apache 
infrastructure.  Some concerns relating to IP of materials on the wiki are 
still in the proces of resolution. is now in an Apache sandbox and work is being done to 
recreate it in the Apache CMS


Edit as required

Graham Lauder, MarCon (Marketing Contact) NZ

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