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From Fred Juan DIAZ <>
Subject Re : Spam on
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 08:10:29 GMT
(I moved Dennis E. Hamilton's answer in the right thread  not to pollute original theme )
You must understand that 
1.  95% of the previous OOo list users have gone to LibO lists (see stats).
2. If those automatic messages are not stricto sensu spams, their effect is the same (would
you like to get a triple echo from vodaphone each time you post on this list ?
3. if you stay between dev, neglecting general organisation, you are going to loose ALL french
(except may be EducOOo team linked to project, but the in central
team we are less than 20 persons)
When people get used to LibO already installed by default in all general linux distribs, they
won't come back to AOOo (ergonomic slowness)
4. French volunteers are rare and you won't catch them again if they go elsewhere.

That's why without falling in paranoïa, I think that If I wanted to bury french branch of
OOo, the best way to do it would be simply to let this situation " status quo."


Fred Juan DIAZ

Eric, I don't think the is under any control of the 
podling PPMC at this point.  Are you talking about the forum, a wiki, 
lists, or something else that can be spammed?  

I notice that the archives for <> seem to
have disappeared.  Is that normal?  Also, does anyone know how 
to reach kenaiadmin?  The link is bad.  Maybe Louis Suárez-Potts knows?  

I see on the lists here, <>, that there are very
few recent posts, but there is some sort of auto-responder at that
is making repeated list responses to recent posts (usually 
multiples of 3).  While annoying, they don't appear to be spam as such.  Is that what you
are trying to correct?

We have test sites of 
the wiki and forums in preparation for cut-over onto Apache 
infrastructure.  Those are not the live system that is being spammed.  
It may be weeks before we cut over the live sites.

Who already 
has administrative rights there that can grant them to you so you can 
contribute to cleaning things up?  It seems you should contact one of 
those people directly.

- Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: eric b [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 22:30
Subject: [OT] Re: Who wants to build OpenOffice?


I will answer this question as soon as I'll have one answer to mine :

The fr project is currently spammed, and NOBODY can fix that (thanks  
to Fred Diaz (one of the volunteers) who confirmed wht happens on the  
fr lists).
What happens, is a disaster for image on the fr side,  
but looks like nobody cares ...

As (temporarly) volunteer, I asked for my rights granted in the fr  
project, because this is mandatory to solve the issue (maybe some  
other to come). In meantime, other fr people confirmed they are  
volunteers to help.

If we miss the train, they never will show up.

And I insist : maintain the French community, to be able to explain  
the remaining people, explain what happens with Apache, is more  
urgent IMHO, than build (it took me only several hours  
to provide a working set on Mac OS X).

Thanks in advance,


De : Fred Juan DIAZ <>
À :
Envoyé le : Mardi 30 Août 2011 19h18
Objet : Spam on

Hi to all

Sorry to disturb the dev list with an administrative problem.

Some days ago, Eric Bachard asked for having rights to clean-up fr-users list

spammed by automatic messages from a french phone operator
...may be someone subscribed with a wrong adress
this spam still rot the list today (see recent messages there)

two questions :

* In fact, who administrates this fr-users list today  ? ?

* Is it possible to give ericb the rights to do the work ?

thank you

Fred Juan Diaz
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