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From Fred Juan DIAZ <>
Subject Re: change UI font size
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 21:14:58 GMT

--- En date de : Mar 30.8.11, Marcus (OOo) <> a écrit :

De: Marcus (OOo) <>
Objet: Re: change UI font size
Cc: "'the mad doctor kaeding'" <>
Date: Mardi 30 août 2011, 22h21

Tools - Options - View

Here you can set some options that will influence the UI:

- "Scaling"
Uses percentile scaling for font size in user interface elements, such 
as dialogs and icon labels. The Scaling setting does not affect the font 
size of text in a document.

- "Use system font for user interface"
Specifies to use the system font to display all menus and dialogs. Else 
another installed font is used.

It's not possible to set a specific font and/or size for displaying the 
UI in OOo.



It's hopefully possible
Tools > Options > > View
unselect "Use system fonts for user interface"
Tools > Options > > Fonts
select "Apply replacement table"

the default font (not documented) is
Andale Sans UI (comes from StarOffice 5.1 I guess, and not appearing in the really installed
fonts :-) may be developers will have to see there later, it's a mystery for the tester but
non-coder that i'm.

in the left line "Font", put Andale Sans UI
right "replace with": choose the font you wish
select Always and Screen

but you'll notice that the font used by default, DejaVu Sans is  the widest one.

about size, answer was given 

Tools > Options > > View 
Scaling 125%

see there too

regards and sorry to be still out of dev subjects

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