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From drew <>
Subject [WWW] [Fwd: Assistance with rewriting TOU/PP for Apache podling]
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2011 11:37:25 GMT

Sending along copy of the email to the legal-discuss list.

Cliff Notes version
Down and dirty 1st draft of new TOU here:

I'll update the draft page to reflect discussion from the two lists,
please feel free to do so yourself, should you so prefer.


-------- Forwarded Message --------
From: drew <>
Subject: Assistance with rewriting TOU/PP for Apache
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 05:30:47 -0400

Hello, is coming to the ASF, as part of this transfer a number
of websites will need to be re-branded and re-hosted. Part of this
process will be to re-write the Terms of Use and Privacy polices for
these sites.

Some of the current websites are hosted by third parties,
for example Oregon State University, and will not be re-hosting but will
need still to be re-branded.

The TOU used at the main website is found at

The current website supports individual user
accounts, support for individual user accounts at this URL is not
planned to continue after transfer to ASF hosted servers.

This same TOU is currently used by the User support websites found at, and will continue to support
individual, site specific, user accounts after transfer to ASF servers.

The website found at currently
supports individual, site specific, user accounts and MAY continue to do
so after transfer to ASF servers. Currently the site does NOT use the
TOU policy found at the main site, it is proposed to do so after the

The website found at and is currently hosted by Oregon
State University Open Source Labs for the project. This
site supports individual, site specific, user accounts. This will
continue after the transfer. This site does NOT currently use the TOU
policy from the main website, it is proposed to do so after the

The Wiki, User Support and Extension/Template websites currently support
user content submissions under various licenses and will continue, I
think, to do so after the transfer.

The TOU policy at the main website references Privacy Policy and this
will also need to be rewritten for the transfer. 

This is not an exhaustive list of websites that are currently part of
the infrastructure, or even those that will transfer to
ASF, you can find that at:

So - long enough introduction I think. 

Have created a page on the Apache AOO community wiki for
editng the TOU text - current contents is my first pass on edits against
the TOU page reference above. That page is at:

Have not created a page for the Privacy Policy draft yet, will do so and
post back to the ML with the address. 

Looking for help on this from the legal side, questions from folks I
guess, too start..please.

Thans very much and looking forward to meeting you all,

Drew Jensen

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