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From drew <>
Subject Re: Website Privacy Policy ( was: Migrating the web forums at to Apache servers )
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 15:52:55 GMT
On Mon, 2011-08-08 at 10:44 -0400, Shane Curcuru wrote:
> I suggest starting with the Jackrabbit project's policy, which many old 
> threads show was discussed with the ASF Legal team:

Hi Shane,

Yes, that looks like a good statement, thanks.

> A wide number of Apache projects use Google Analytics, which is fine in 
> general as long as you're careful to comply with the relevant Analytics 
> policies.  A few projects use other methods of tracking users; in those 
> cases you should check with legal-discuss@ to see what sort of policy is 
> needed.

> A number of other projects use Analytics on parts of their websites and 
> not on other parts, so this isn't necessarily so unusual.  However I 
> wouldn't be surprised if our future hosting of things like forums and 
> content on the domain means that this project will need 
> to have some more thorough privacy and other policies in the future.

OK - I take it that the * is going to be maintained for
some period of time.

Looking at four sites: - the TOU points to an internal page:

[Action Item] Update page with the change in status from Oracle to
Apache ownership.

That page has a brief paragraph on privacy and links to another page for
more details:

[AI] Replace that page with our new privacy policy page, stored on the website.

The 10 language forums at also link to this
English only page for TOU. So, assuming is alive no
change would be required here, IMO.

The wiki currently has no link to a Terms of Use page that I can find.
It does have a link in the footer for a Privacy Policy, which leads to
this page:


[AI] Change the wiki footer to use the TOU page on the main OO.o site
and by reference the new Privacy Policy.

The extension and template repository. Uses a link in the footer, Terms
and Policies, this currently leads to this page:

another :-/

[Ai] Change the footer to use the TOU page on the main OO.o site.

This sound about right to folks?


ps will send a separate email to list specifically on question of using
Google analytics.

> - Shane

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