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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [What?] Why and How did this reach my inbox?
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 03:44:46 GMT
Reply all doesn't do what you think on this list.

I added you to the CC so you would know this was intended for you as well as the list.

Nice change of subject though.

My question was meant seriously.

 - Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry Gusaas [] 
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 19:44
Subject: Re: [What?] Why and How did this reach my inbox?

On 2011-08-22 8:25 PM  Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> And why should we accept newsgroup posts the same as posts from subscribers to this list?
 This list is not a newsgroup, but the gmane newsgroup creates the effect of subscribers without
they're being subscribed here.
Do some research. Read
Gmane provides an alternative to receiving a huge number of emails by making email lists 
available in a newsreader. For information on this group see

> Why should we be interested in that?  Especially with those mangled subject lines.
What mangled subject lines? Are my subject lines mangled? Gmane does not mangle subject lines.

Mangling is done by the user and the software they use. The same thing can happen to email
as well.

Why are you sending me a copy to my email address as well as to the list. I do not need two

copies. Doing so is inconsiderate and contrary to netiquette. Don't do it again. Or do you
automatically hit reply all, a common action for MS Outlook users.

Larry I. Gusaas
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada
"An artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs." - Edgard Varese

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