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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [What?] Why and How did this reach my inbox?
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 20:05:17 GMT
The To: address which is a mangled ooo-dev@i.a.o is how those posts get to my e-mail inbox.
 This is not about who else the post is to or who it is from.  When the list address is mangled,
my rules don't work and there is no rule I can create for them.  I have to receive them in
my inbox or spam folder and handle them manually.  And so I delete them manually.

Michael, I respect your good intentions.

 - Dennis

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From: Michael Stahl [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 10:43
Subject: Re: [What?] Why and How did this reach my inbox?

On 23.08.2011 21:25, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> How about the mangling of the To address?  When I get one of these, I
> cannot use any rules because the To address that my mail client sees
> is not that of ooo-dev but some hacked-up pseudo gmane address.

when signing up a mailing list at Gmane there is a checkbox whether the
mail addresses (as seen by Gmane users) should be mangled or not; this
feature is intended to prevent address harvesting and thus deter spammers.

> I have a different question.
> According to the information on GMANE, it takes someone who claims to
> be an administrator to offer up a mailing list for aggregation
> there.
> Who did that and where was it discussed here?  I suspect I may have
> seen an off-hand mention but I had no idea what the consequences were
> at that point.

guilty party here.

i plead mitigating circumstances: i did it with good intentions.

i thought signing up our mailing lists with Gmane would annoy the heck
out of Dennis Hamilton.  errr, no, wait a minute, my memory is playing
tricks on me again...

ah, now i remember: i did it to make our project more accessible to the
wider FOSS community and encourage some participation.  yeah, that was it.

and in my defense, digging through my cache i found that on this list
some 78 messages have been posted via Gmane, from 6 distinct authors.

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