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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [discuss][www][wiki] Native-lang sites was Web, WIki, and Participation
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2011 22:23:34 GMT

QUESTION: Are you, or someone you know here, able to assist in the preservation of the
for forwarding and in preservation of the web site (possibly at a part of the podling site
that is targeted by ?


It was rbircher who did all of that work to move over the /de part of the site.

I have three concerns:

 1. All of the replacement of copyright and license information that appears to have been
done automatically.  We are being heavy-handed with that and need to step back and get clear
on what is both legal (I don't think these sites are in the Oracle grant, although the domain
name is transferred), responsible, and respectful.

 2. Subject Matter: Looking at the wide variety of pages in the /de material, for example,
I think a great deal of it, perhaps even most of it, is not particularly appropriate in terms
of an Apache project.  There is considerable material which strikes me as "downstream" relative
to what Apache releases release.

  3. I thank Rafael for that effort.  It gives us a reality check on all that is involved
and how we need to consider some sort of differentiation between the face to
the world and the kind of face to the world from a development project that is more appropriate
on  I think both are critical for  

  3.1 As we find more and more cross-dependencies, I maintain that there is good cause to
preserve and support as the face to (and from) the broader community of adopters,
evangelists/marketers, and institutions/businesses that are engaged with 

  3.2 I think both sites are needed, with distinct identities.  (I can even imagine
being spun out but I think that is too disruptive to consider at this time.  The community
needs some stable footing before we adjust too much.  Just tying to the Apache podling and
then the Apache Top-Level Project is going to be more than enough.)

  3.3 I'm not sure how a mapping to the wiki would work, but I think it should be gradual
with retargeting of pages on the web site as appropriate.  (My sense is that MediaWiki is
up to the task and there can be locked pages that are not publicly editable.)

I am looking at your wiki material with interest.


 - Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: Kay Schenk [] 
Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2011 14:24
To: OOo Apache
Subject: [discuss][www][wiki] Native-lang sites was Web, WIki, and Participation

Continuing our discussion from Thurs, if you now go to

and navigate through this "portal", specifically the survey of existing 
OOo services, I tried to reorganize some things, and include the web 
pages in this overview.

and, did address some of the "old" questions (topics) in

So, maybe that will help.

Now, getting back to  Dave's suggestion of

 >>>> When we are ready to consider each OOo project site for conversion we
 >>>> should send an email to ooo-dev to determine which way that site
 >>>> should go - CMS or Wiki? We can label the thread with
 >>>> "[www][${project}]". We can also ask for someone to step up and lead
 >>>> the content conversion process for a project.

Were you thinking about "accepted and/or incubator" projects only or ????

There are about 95 native-lang projects. I can’t remember who moved the 
"de" site to our current site (not the current de language project 
lead), but aside from this, only 1 other native-lang project lead, Maho 
NAKATA (japan native lang), has commit rights.

I would strongly suggest/urge that when the new wiki becomes viable, we 
just decide to move the native-lang  web areas to the wiki. There are 
utilities for converting html to mediawiki markup which I will happily 
explore once that become viable. Once these sites get moved, we would of 
course contact the project heads about their new home. I don't have any 
suggestions about the new "de" site except to leave it as a web site.

We could contact these leads to see what they want to do, but, even if 
they wanted to keep web sites instead of wiki sites, I don't see that 
being viable.



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