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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: OOo4Kids / OOoLight support ( Re: Migrating the web forums at to Apache servers )
Date Sat, 06 Aug 2011 17:45:25 GMT

I think being inviting is a good idea with regard to specialized topics such as this.  We
should put out the welcome mat for specific ones, such as OOo4Kids, that we know about and
especially that we have contributors for.  

It does mean there needs to be a place to land for visitors who have that as their goal, and
some creativity may be required in serving those who don't find what they are looking for
on our pages, forums, etc.  

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From: Ingrid von der Mehden [] 
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2011 01:36
Subject: Re: OOo4Kids / OOoLight support ( Re: Migrating the web forums at
to Apache servers )

Am 05.08.2011 22:59, schrieb eric b:
> Hi,
> Le 5 août 11 à 19:56, Reizinger Zoltán a écrit :
>>> <snip>
>>>> Let's try a different approach: if the item exists on the forums,
>>>> there will be _de_facto_ a support ? (yet the chicken egg issue .. ).
>>> Hi Eric,
>>> It's hard to disagree with that - I'd just add, it's a case of lack
>>> of a champion versus blocking. In the Spanish forum Alexandro has
>>> been, is, a champion for OOo4Kids/OOoLight. Notice that the different
>>> forums are not exact copies of each other and indeed the es/forum
>>> explicitly list the two application. I am a little bit surprised that
>>> the forum did not go ahead and open separate sub-pages. Why not, I
>>> have no idea, but I am certain it wasn't because anyone blocked
>>> anything.
>> Why not?
>> My personal answer no user needs for that:
>> Only 23 post in EN forum, most of them announcement by Eric on new
>> versions:
>> One post for OOoLight:
>> From ~ 38000 posts.
> My posts cannot be as visible as they were on the main banneer (and we
> didn't announce OOoLight in fact)
>> Who use OOo4Kids/OOoLight can help to others, I not know we have such
>> volunteers, but will ask it.
>> OOo4Kids/OOoLight project members can join and help their users on
>> forums.
>> Until this happens, not useful to can claim on the forums first page
>> that we support OOo4Kids/OOoLight.
> No doubt this is usefull for us to be visible.
> And one more time we hit the chicken egg issue.

I agree with Eric here. Having OOo4Kids/OOoLight listed on the first 
page would be an invitation to ask question about these flavors of 
OpenOffice in the forum also. If this evolves chances are high that more 
users are also able to answer special questions regarding these flavors.
Listing only selective few others flavors is an explicit discourage for 
users of the not listed ones.

So the question is whether the forum in general aims to be open for the 
users of all flavors of OpenOffice? If so it would be wise to state that 
explicitly in the forum header.

Kind regards,

> Eric Bachard
> P.S. : I have converted your mail into text, since .rtf was apparently
> seen as spam by the server.

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