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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: *Solaris support
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 09:48:28 GMT

On 15.07.2011 05:20, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> It seems like the first thing for you or someone working with you to
> do is find a way to build a release on Solaris from the source code.
> Since 3.3.0 was built for both Solaris x86 and Sparc, you should be
> able to determine what it takes for that distribution (with
> integration of all of the localizations).
> The distributions and the source code is available
> at<>.
> Look at the src_* files at the end.  Notice the significant size of
> the source code.
> Rebuilding an existing stable build is the easiest way to confirm
> that you have it working.

actually usually it's a better idea to build the current development
version; especially since in contrast to OOo 3.3 we now have 2 build
systems (because we're in the middle of the migration), you really want
to know that _both_ work for your platform.

> You'll need to roam around the Developers information, including
> information about the build
> environment:<>.  (I can't
> vouch for how current any of this is.)

don't trust anything on; it's generally out of
date; the Wiki tends to have more current stuff, look at the Building
Guide (see Mathias' mail).

lastly, let me express my puzzlement at the surprising popularity of our 
Solaris port :)

if there are really people who want to maintain that, then i'd suggest 
looking into building it with GCC instead of SunStudio, which is not 
currently possible, but would probably ease the maintenance burden in 
the long run.


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