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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Easy tasks and mentoring
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 15:40:31 GMT

Le 7 juil. 11 à 17:30, Ross Gardler a écrit :

> Over in another thread there has been some discussion of "easy  
> tasks" being identified to help newcomers find their way in the OOo  
> project.
> In the ASF the Community Development project works to make ASF  
> projects a little more accessible. Typically it's very scary for a
> newcomer, regardless of their background. The ASF is a big place  
> where everyone seems to know one another.
> Here at OOo we have a very big project with a deep and rich  
> history. the problem of attracting and engaging newcomers is  
> probably even more pronounced here.
> One of the things we do is encourage projects to tag "easy tasks"  
> in their issue tracker.We also encourage projects to offer to  
> mentor people who want to tackle one of these tasks. Now an ASF  
> project community is should be mentoring newcomers anyway, so  
> explicitly stating a mentor is available for some tasks may seem  
> strange. but we have found that just having the words "mentor"  
> associated with a project task makes it more approachable.
> Another benefit of doing this is that when it comes around to  
> Google Summer of Code time the project already has a bunch of tasks  
> identified that would be suitable for GSoC applications.
> The ASF has been involved with GSoC since it first started., We  
> usually get between 35 and 50 projects, and most of them are  
> successful. We've even got a few ASF members who started life as  
> GSoC students, became committers and are now working across  
> multiple projects.

> So, i would encourage people to mark "easy tasks" that they would  
> be willing to help guide people on with a label of "mentor" (which  
> means ensuring questions from someone tacking the problem are  
> answered, it does not mean putting in so much effort you can have  
> done the job yourself in less time).

> Finally, I'll repeat Rob's observations elsewhere. Easy tasks  
> should not be meaningless tasks.

There is a lot to do, indeed.

> They should be real tasks that will add real value to the project.  
> Ask yourself, if it's easy and your not going to do it yourself is  
> it really necessary? There are plenty of tasks that would be nice  
> to have but not essential, these are good candidates for mentored  
> tasks.
> Finally, I'd like to hear from the OOo education project.

I'm there. just ask  :-)

> Are there any existing programmes in the Oo.o community that we  
> should work with?

I'm not sure to fully understand. Can you explain more please ?

Eric Bachard

Education Project:
Projet OOo4Kids :
L'association EducOOo :
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