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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: When does one become a committer?
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 23:50:04 GMT
On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 5:50 PM, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
> This is a great discussion.  One meta-point to consider: how important (re:
> urgent) is this to decide right now?

The discussion continues to resurface and is unresolved.  One possible
outcome is that we rescind the committer invitations of those who do
not progress in a reasonable time period to submit their iCLA.
Hopefully we all agree that if we go down that path, then deciding in
advance and giving ample warning, is preferable then just doing this
as an ad hoc decision of the PPMC on an individual case.  In other
words, it will be perceived as more fair if we do this as a matter of
policy and do it consistently.

And of course, agreeing not to decide would be a decision as well.

> If people find this work interesting, that's great.  But in terms of rules
> and procedures, sometimes it's fine to not over-document the rules until
> there's a case where they're really needed.

Since this topic continues to come up and is unresolved, I think a
general rule is appropriate, provided we can agree on what that rule
should be.  We don't need to address fanciful hypothetical, but like
a reusable code module, we should design a rule that addresses the
foreseeable cases.  And like code can be changed, so can rules.

> Note that it's pointless to attempt to provide an individual theoretical
> standing to make project decisions without an iCLA until we have such a case
> actually happen; then we can have the individual work with legal-internal@
> to understand why they won't sign the iCLA.  iCLAs are strictly mandatory to
> be a committer, no exceptions.
> - Shane, who thinks someone can cast a binding vote as a committer (i.e. on
> code modifications) after they have submitted the iCLA, and who can cast a
> binding vote on (P)PMC matters once their addition to the (P)PMC has been
> properly ACKd by the IPMC or the project chair.
> On 7/23/2011 2:40 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
>> After we vote in a new committer, there are several steps that follow,
>> including sending them an note telling them they've been voted in,
>> having them return an iCLA, waiting for the iCLA to be recorded,
>> choosing an Apache ID, getting an Apache account, etc.
>> At what point are they considered officially to be a committer?  For
>> example, at what point can they veto a code modification?
>> I'm trying to better understand the status of those who never complete
>> the above set of steps.
>> -Rob

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