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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Before Symphony contribution
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 11:02:00 GMT
On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 12:17 AM, imacat <> wrote:
> On 2011/07/19 03:08, Rob Weir said:
>> +1  Let's start from a stable build and make changes from there that
>> leave the build stable.    So I think it looks like this:
>> 1) Get all OOo Hg repository converted over to SVN.  This will include
>> all the code that was granted us in the Oracle SGA, as well as code
>> that was not granted us as well as LPGL dependencies.  It will be
>> essentially equivalent to to the current OOo trunk.
>    It's very nice we all have this understanding, at least something we
> can tell our local community about the current progress.
>    So, we'll still have to have SVN up first.
>> 2) Verify that this builds.  I'd like to see independent confirmation
>> from several developers that we can build from that source, including
>> at least the 3 major platforms.
>    As far as I know, the current HG source does not
> build on Debian.  I can help on this as much as I can.  But we still
> have to have SVN up first.
>> 3) Based on that and the original Oracle SGA, find out what files we
>> need to be added to the SGA.  I know work on this has already started.
>    Thanks for everyone that is working on this.
>> 4) At this point, once we have the complete Oracle SGA, then IBM can
>> contribute the Symphony source.  Why?  Because our code is
>> contributable under Apache 2.0 to the extent that the code is either
>> original, or based on code that also under Apache 2.0.  So our
>> contribution depends on the amended SGA of the core code.
>    That said, will there be Symphony candies in our first 3.4?

Possibly.  But I don't see anything from Symphony is a "must have" for
AOOo 3.4.  I think it is more important that we complete 3.4 with the
feature set that was originally planned.

>> 6) Then at some point we have an OOo 3.4.0 that is functionality
>> identical to the 3.4 beta, but all under Apache license. Then we work
>> on getting to release quality.  This might include some additional
>> testing, integrating existing patches, making additional fixes, etc.
>> Of course, this is not just code, but doc, help, translations, etc.
>    So, will there be fixes to the existing OOo 3.4 that we can work on?

I assume so.  3.4.0 beta 1 was released a few months ago.  We should
review any bugs reports received, etc.  I'd also expect that our
replacement of LGPL dependencies will introduce new bugs.  So we'll
need a good QA cycle on 3.4 before we release it.  I think we should
aim for release 3.4 to continue the tradition of high quality releases
that OOo is known for.

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