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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Symphony contribution
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 05:46:27 GMT
On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 1:48 AM, Marcus (OOo) <> wrote:
> Am 07/14/2011 12:00 AM, schrieb Rob Weir:
>> I'm sending this with my IBM "hat".
>> I'm going to be speaking at the ODF Plugfest in Berlin Friday
>> afternoon, and will be making some announcements.  I wanted you to
>> hear this first, before anyone else knows.
> Great, thanks for this.
>> [...]
>> We will be doing the following:
>> First, we're going to contribute the standalone version of Lotus
>> Symphony to the Apache project, under the Apache 2.0
>> license.   We'll also work with project members to prioritize which
>> pieces make sense to integrate into OpenOffice.  For example, we've
>> already done a lot of work with replacing GPL/LPGL dependencies.
>> Using the Symphony code could help accelerate that work and get us to
>> an AOOo release faster.  We've already converted the help files to
>> DITA, which could help accelerate that work, if we chose to go in that
>> direction.
> This looks like a very big step as you giveup your separat development - at
> least I understand it this way.
> Maybe you could tell us a bit more about when you plan to integrate the
> selected code pieces? The reason for asking is the following:
> I hope that we first can stabilize the original OOo code to get the first
> release done - the OOo 3.4 is (OK, was) already in Beta mode, so just a few
> more fixes and then we would have our release. Now at Apache we may have to
> work on some dependencies to eleminate which otherwise would prevent an
> official release. But I think also this is doable within this year.

I agree with that priority.  We don't want to disrupt progress toward
the initial AOOo release.

> After the release is done we can make the big step to integrate the Symphony
> code and move towards a new release.
> An alternative would be to stabilize the 3.4 code and then branching, so
> that we have a release branch (.../repos/asf/incubator/ooo/branches/ooo34)
> and the normal dev branch (.../repos/asf/incubator/ooo/trunk/). Then it's
> possible to work on both - if we have enough man power to do both in
> parallel. ;-)
> I hope you have the same process in mind. Otherwise if you thought about to
> integrate the Symphony stuff and then doing our first release at Apache, I
> fear it will need much more time then just a few months.
>> For example, the IAccessible2 work which helps
>> Symphony work better with assistive technology.    I know an older
>> version of this work sits in an OOo CWS someplace, but it will be
>> easier to integrate that work if we start with our latest code.
> Malte is knowing this part best and I hope he can help to integrate this
> well.
>> Also, as the PC Magazine review notes, we've done some really good UI
>> work.  I invite you to download Symphony [2] and take a closer look at
>> this.  Yes, it is different from what OOo has today.  And a move of
>> that magnitude has an impact on documentation and translations as
>> well.   But the feedback we've received from customers and reviewers
>> is very positive.  Do we integrate parts of the Symphony UI?  That is
>> something for the project to discuss and decide on.
> Shame on me as I don't know much about Symphony yet but looking at the
> screenshots the tabbed documents looks like a great feature.
>> So that's essentially what I'll be announcing on Friday.  The above
>> contributions will occur over the next couple of months, starting with
>> the ODF Toolkit.  I hope you see the exciting possibilities as much as
>> I do.
> Sure, I really do.
> Finally, I wish you much fun at Berlin, enjoy the beers and have save trips.
> :-)
> Marcus

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