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From Christian Lohmaier <>
Subject Re: IRC Channel?
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2011 14:17:19 GMT
Hi *,

On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Gavin McDonald <> wrote:
> [...] At this point I would suggest therefore continue with
> #[dev.] channels at don’t
> worry about #ooo-dev for now.

Thanks a lot for all the replies.

As there has been a question about what commands IZBot provides,
here's a short summary.

Main purpose is to look out for bug-numbers/URLs and query the
corresponding bugtracker for short summary.
Supported trackers are OOo's bugzilla, fdo's bugzilla, kenai's
bugzilla (from the time from the migration evaluation), novell's
bugzilla (although that requires login for most issues, so most of the
time it will not be able to provide summary info)

When not using full URLs, the following expressions match the
corresponding trackers:
Note: "direct command" means when addressing the bot explicitly, i.e.
using 'IZBot: <command> <args>')
issue 1234, issue #1234, #i1234 → OOo's tracker (direct command: issue 1234)
fdo #1234, xdg #1234  (space and # optional)→ fdo's bugtracker (direct
command: fdo 1234)
kenai #1234 (# optional) → kenai's tracker (direct  command: kenai 1234)
n#1234, bnc #1234 (space and # optional when prefixed with bnc) →
novell's bugzilla, (direct command: bnc 1234)

Other often used command is "seen" and "seen any"
IZBot: seen nick
→ prints what "nick" did last say in the current channel
IZBot: seen any nick
→ doesn't restrict the return item to active messages, but also

tinyurl/shrinkurl command
IZBot: tiny <long URL> or  IZBot: ln <long URL>

For bughunting sessions, IZBot can load a list of issues (for example
all unconfirmed ones), and people can request a random one of that
list using direct commands gr (for get random, for the OOo-bugzilla's
list), and "gf" (for get freedesktop) for freedesktop-bugzilla's list.
A list has to be loaded using the loadsession command first.

general commands:
* help [plugin] command
prints help/usage info about command, need to specify plugin only if
the command is available in more than one plugin
* list [plugin]
lists available plugins, or commands from plugin if plugin was specified

Bot's nick-alias is ! - so instead of addressing the bot with "IZBot",
you can also address it directly with "!": '! seen any some_nick' for


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