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From David Nelson <>
Subject Re: Oracle Connector for SharePoint
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 13:31:48 GMT

2011/7/23 Jürgen Schmidt <>:
> On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 10:40 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton <
>> wrote:
>> I'm not up for working on CMIS at this time, personally, but I think there
>> is an open-source toolkit from Alfresco that might help if it is not already
>> being used.  John Newton was very keen on encouraging CMIS adoption, of
>> course.
> Alfresco provides probably one of the best or better most complete
> implementations for CMIS in their CMS and would be my first choice for a
> server backend for any kind of testing ...

FWIW, I operate an Alfresco platform for the LibreOffice project. It
is currently being used principally by the LibO English docs team. If
there was any testing of a CMIS plugin for A-OOo/LibO, you'd be very
welcome to do it there, where there's an existing, live platform and a
live pilot user population.

There has recently been a mail thread going between a couple of
leading people at Alfresco, a couple of LibO devs and the leading
admins of the LibO Alfresco platform, notably discussing a plugin to
interact with Alfresco. The conclusion was that although there is a
related dormant project on the Alfresco Forge, it would be better to
start work afresh and target a generic CMIS plugin that works with
Alfresco (and that hopefully could also work with Microsoft
Sharepoint, too). So there are at least a couple of LibO devs who
could be interested in contributing to this.

I think the main impediment to actually getting design & development
rolling is achieving a critical mass of developers to actively work on
it. I'm not a dev myself, but I'm taking every chance to agitate
towards the initiative, and will be happy to be actively involved as
well (liaison, testing, documentation, etc.).

Is there anyone else interested in actively making this project happen?

David Nelson

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