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From Kazunari Hirano <>
Subject Re: Future of OOo
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2011 22:02:39 GMT
Hi Ross,

Have you left for the 6th ODF Plugfest, Berlin Germany, July 14th - 15th 2011?

If you read this, please tell the public at the ODF Plugfest, "We will
find a way."
My favorite part of the movie Jurassic Park is that Dr. Ian Malcolm
says, "Life finds a way."

The ODF is about the document freedom, freedom of expression and
something like that, right?
It is about people with a computer, electricity and Internet
connection, anywhere on the earth or in the space, they can download
an ODF editor, irrespective of their platform or their language, they
can install it on their machine and use it in their language to create
documents, which can be sent and recieved and read by anyone on the
earth or in the space with a computer and electricity and Internet
connection, even 1000 years later, unless we extinct around that

I suggest that, if you got really important documents which you want
people in 3000s to read, you should save them in ODF and at the same
time you should write them on a piece of Washi (Japanese paper)  with
Sumi (black ink) and Fude (brush), and you should carve them on a
piece of stone or granite,  because we have to be prepared for no
electricity and no Internet connection at the time of disaster.
OOo and LO do not provide Calligraphy Tools or Stone Carving Tools but
ODF editor which we call Office Suite and we share the same purpose
for the document freedom.  We don't have to fuse into something like and its community but we can collaborate.  I share his dream.  Many here share the
dream.  Because we[1][2][3] together had been working very well and
reaching the very good stage of the continuous L10N[4], TCM@QUASTE[5],
Renaissance[6] and many others.
Actually several contribute to both OOo and LO.  I do[7].

It is important for both OOo and LO to listen to its users, developers
and community members and get feedback from them and put everything on
the table and talk.  We can talk anytime, we have got several channels
to talk.
So "we will find a way" for collaboration between LO and OOo.

Have a good meeting and presentation at the plugfest.



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