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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: single repository status
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2011 18:23:35 GMT
I don't understand this. There are changesets in sbclean that are *not* in
OOO340. Why would we not want them?

And what is the term "masterfixes" that you're using here?

On Jul 9, 2011 7:16 AM, "Mathias Bauer" <> wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> you gave reenabled "sbclean": the only difference to ooo340 it contains
> are some masterfixes on the dev300 code line that are in ooo340 anyway
> (otherwise the code couldn't have been built). That's the reason why I
> left it disabled. We can remove it from the list.
> There may be some other cws that contain these masterfixes, that's
> something we have to deal with later.
> Regards,
> Mathias
> On 09.07.2011 07:57, Greg Stein wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I borrowed some space on some ASF equipment and used the
>> '' script to pull down all of the CWS repositories (in
>> addition to the OOO340 and master_l10n/OOO340 repositories). This
>> consumed 77 Gb of disk space.
>> The script has been updated with all my fixes to make
>> this happen, and the cws-list.txt file has been updated to reflect all
>> CWSs that have actual content beyond OOO340.
>> I have updated to do a basic combination of the
>> repositories. This produces a 2.7 Gb repository.
>> However! The single-hg script does not apply any tags/bookmarks for
>> the heads introduced by the pulls from the CWS repositories.
>> Originally, I thought to apply bookmarks, but ... meh. We can just
>> apply tags. It isn't like we are going to push to the repository and
>> need the bookmark to float with the changes. So the next step is to
>> update single-hg to apply the appropriate tags. At that point, I will
>> publish a bundle so that most people can skip all the above steps and
>> start playing with the repository that will feed into the next step
>> (convert to svn).
>> Once the tags are properly marked, then we can start testing the
>> conversion to Subversion. Please note, however: the hg conversion
>> script does *not* process tags. We will have to write that. We will
>> also have to somehow manage construction of branches. We may also have
>> to update the conversion tool to properly handle the "merge"
>> changesets that Hg records.
>> In the single repository that I constructed, there are 102 heads. I
>> believe these will become branches.
>> We will need a script to take the single repository as input, and run
>> the conversion process. I think there will multiple inputs to that
>> process, so there will be additional input files to coordinate and
>> drive the conversion. All of this should be placed into the tools/dev/
>> directory. Help is wanted!
>> Cheers,
>> -g

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