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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: An introduction and a discussion about the OpenOffice User Forums
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2011 22:20:54 GMT

On Jul 31, 2011, at 2:35 PM, TerryE wrote:

> Dave,
> Some specific replies on points
>>>> On the customizations, are they purely UI, or do we have functional
>>>> patches as well?
>>> See
>> This is great information!
> There was a supplementary point here.  After 30 years in EDS, what you are asking for
is in my DNA and this is how I work! :LoL:
>>> I agree.  The alternative to getting this support within is to discard
the knowledge in 300,000 posts across the 9 forums.  The user community forums would probably
explore alternatives if this looked likely to happen.  The OOo wiki contains 10,521 content
pages and  11.338 uploaded files.  These form a critical service to the end-user community.
 Note that the cwiki markup format doesn't support many of the MediaWiki specific markups
in this content.
>> Supporting a MediaWiki like supporting phpBB is something that can certainly be considered.
What's required is that the Apache OOo community provide enough support to infrastructure
so that the job can get done.
>> Do you feel a MediaWiki transition is a larger or smaller project?
> This is something that I'll cover in depth on the specific migration planning wiki page,
but the challenge here is that the cwiki markup grammer is different to that of mediawiki
and largely a functional subset.  Worse, mediawiki supports extensions to allow you to extend
this. The OOo implementation currently uses *42* such extensions.  One of these was custom-developed
by the German OOo team.  With over 10,000 pages of content, sentencing this lot and even if
we establish a migration ruleset to map 90% of the non-conformities, we still looking at a
MAJOR project.
> Setting up a mirror of the current system on a standard LAMP stack is a low risk low
effort continuity alternative, until the project works out its medium term strategy.  BTW,
I have just spent the last few days setting up my own VM copy of the production wiki (standard
Ubuntu 10.04-3 LTS LAMP over VirtualBox) so I know what's involved here.

+1 - That should take us very far towards getting support from infrastructure. The key will
be for there to be several individuals who both enabled by documentation and have time to
help Infrastructure support the stacks that we request.

Different categories of information will need to be gathered:

(1) Infrastructure - which we are discussing now.

(2) Branding.
We will need to be co-ordinate branding between the user forums, wikis, website
and the project website (and much else). One part of this is the overall framing of the content.
It would be good to handle the Oracle to Apache rebranding of the sites with a simple set
of choices while attempting to avoid "bike shedding". I could go and take screenshots of the
two, but would prefer to understand how those templates are defined and then work to design
those to plug together properly.

How do the User Forum and MediaWiki handle webpage templates? How many are used?

(3) Legal - IP, Copyright and Licensing
We will need to make sure that we have clear documentation of the copyright and license for
the content on the wiki and user forums. We'll need to make sure that the Migration does not
infringe on anyone's copyright and/or inadvertently change any licenses. If we are clear about
what we are planning for these sites on an domain then it *might* be possible
to take everything.

Before we discuss this with legal we need to specific about what we plan along with questions
that have a concrete example.


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