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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Easy tasks and mentoring
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 10:32:13 GMT
Hi Ross,

Le 8 juil. 11 à 00:41, Ross Gardler a écrit :

>> I'm not sure to fully understand. Can you explain more please ?
> Sure.
> When typing my email about encouraging the project to offer "easy  
> tasks" with mentors it occurred to me that the education project  
> may already have some efforts to help new developers become engaged  
> with the project.

Indeed, we are used to such easy tasks, and even more (me since 2006,  
and Education Project since end 2007). And I confirm, EducOOo would  
be glad to contribute (as I told Martin Hollmichell and Ingrid  vdM  

We use to work with students, and their schools, and we try to  
explain how we hacked the code online (yet on the wiki).

Important : the developers often helped us, and they  
had a big role in the story too. Philipp Lohmann, Stephan Schaefer,  
Franck Schonheit, Thorsten Behrens, Stephan Bergmann, Herbert Düer,  
Mathias Bauer, Thomas Lange, and a lot of other Sun/Oracle devs were  
fantastic with us.  Apologies for the one I forgot to mention :-/

The initial idea was : instead of diving with boring QA, prefer have  
Fun with a forked version of, for instance OOo4Kids or  
OOoLight (no Java, 40% lighter than, and imagine new  
features, hack and so on.

When the code desserves it, we propose it for integration (can be  
refused of course). OOo4Kids and OOoLight are LGPLv3, but we have no  
problem to relicense the code for Apache The  
annotation mode, made by students from Ecole Centrale Nantes, and  
reverserd to

> If that is the case then I obviously don't want to step on your  
> existing work through the ComDev work, I'd rather work with you to  
> make the efforts complimentary.

There is place for all, and we'd be glad to work with you. FYI, I  
already contacted Martin Hollmichel in this sense, and he's preparing  
a list of tasks.

The collaboration could start with developers able to work with us.  
e.g. one or two hour from time to time, join our IRC channel, and  
answer students questions, and so on, participate to IRC meetings,  
when designing a feature, and so on.

We currently have 11 students from Epitech Paris who applied to  
EducOOo, for the period july to early december (yes, now ...). This  
is too much for us, because we have not the resources to mentor them  
all (5 for sure, max could be 6 or 7), but it would be great if other developers agree to join the effort ?  (Any candidate  
to help us ?)

More information on our list of schools who participated is available  
here ->

The features are proposed by teachers or the students, and when  
everybody agrees, we implement what we can. Once implemented, we  
explain the changes in the code, and put it online (our wiki). Some  
examples :

New Start Center : 
Toolbars and levels : 
New cursors :
Protected preferences : 
PasswordProtectedPreferences  (the page has been seen more than  
27,000 times ... )

+  Online ClassRooms

and so on

As you can see, the list of possibilities is very long, there is a  
lot to do with schools, and the Education Project + is  
really a good compromise to introduce FOSS.

Eric Bachard


Education Project:
Projet OOo4Kids :
L'association EducOOo :
Blog :

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