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From TerryE <>
Subject Re: An introduction and a discussion about the OpenOffice User Forums
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2011 23:01:52 GMT
On 31/07/11 23:20, Dave Fisher wrote:
> <snip>
> Different categories of information will need to be gathered:
> (1) Infrastructure - which we are discussing now.
> (2) Branding.
> We will need to be co-ordinate branding between the user forums, wikis,
website and the project website (and much else). One part of this is the overall framing of
the content. It would be good to handle the Oracle to Apache rebranding of the sites with
a simple set of choices while attempting to avoid "bike shedding". I could go and take screenshots
of the two, but would prefer to understand how those templates are defined and then work to
design those to plug together properly.
> How do the User Forum and MediaWiki handle webpage templates? How many are used?

The Forums are simple.  All 9 language forums use a common code base 
which includes a single style template which is supported by the phpBB 
team.  There are common header and footer templates within this which we 
have customised for OOo.  I imagine the move from Oracle to 
will be of similar complexity to that of Sun to Oracle unless the Apache 
team require us to move from this phpBB "Prosilver" look and feel, then 
it would involve a lot of work.

As far as the wiki goes, this template has been more heavily customised 
again using standard MediaWiki hooks and facilities.  Switching logos 
and banners would be reasonably straight forward, but alas the guys that 
did the bulk of the content management are history.

> (3) Legal - IP, Copyright and Licensing
> We will need to make sure that we have clear documentation of the copyright and license
for the content on the wiki and user forums. We'll need to make sure that the Migration does
not infringe on anyone's copyright and/or inadvertently change any licenses. If we are clear
about what we are planning for these sites on an domain then it *might* be
possible to take everything.

The forum content was all under the Sun then Oracle terms which roughly 
mirror CCA but with OOo retaining full rights to use.  All bar a few 
dozen of the wiki pages likewise.  But the lawyers will know doubt find 
reasons to charge their fees :-)


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