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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Questions: LAMP and PHPBB for
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2011 22:09:00 GMT
On 31/07/2011 21:59, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> On ooo-dev, we continue to ponder how we can support the existing web
site and the subdomains thereof with minimal friction and maximum preservation of the accumulated
material.  Here is a thumbnail of what the objectives are:
> <> (with
the understanding that development-focused aspects would move, at least in part, to Apache
locations from the location).
> Assuming
>  1. That the domain lease is transferred to the Apache Software Foundation
>  2. That sufficient volunteers come forward to support whatever the infrastructure support
requirements are, and
>  3. There are no legal@ objections,
> Question
>  4. Is it technically feasible and acceptable to have, operating on Apache infrastructure,
the web site and subdomains as open public sites operating with software that
would otherwise not be very tasty on Apache (PHPBB which is GPLd and may have some customizations,
for example)?

Why would GPL be an issue? Last time I checked large parts of Linux were
GPL and we happily run that. We prefer to eat our own dogfood but will
happily run most things if it is the right tool for the task at hand. If
you look at what infra runs today, there is a wide range of proprietary
and open source software with a very wide range of licences.

> I know that is very hypothetical in this form, but it is not worth navigating (1-3) unless
4 would work at the end of the day.

I would imagine that these services would be hosted on project managed
virtual machines of some form and whoever manages them now would
continue to manage them. The central infra team may end up managing some
aspects such as DNS. The detail can be worked on as part of the
incubation process.

The much more important question is who will support it. There have been
far too many examples of projects requesting a service, promising to
help support it and then never being heard from again when it needs
maintenance. If the current maintenance is performed by Oracle rather
than the community there will be concerns about the viability of that model.

On a related note, infrastructure will not tolerate project managed
systems that are insecure. We will shut them down first and ask
questions later. Projects are expected to keep on top of security for
the services that they manage. We do arrange things so projects can only
shoot themselves in the foot but will still expect security to be


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