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From TerryE <>
Subject Re: An introduction and a discussion about the OpenOffice User Forums
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2011 20:22:00 GMT
On 31/07/11 20:51, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> ooo-dev is moderated and has moderators?
> Who are the moderators, pray tell?
>   - Dennis
Dennis there are nine forums, one per major language, though we support 
variant languages such as EN-US and ES-AR.  (Most OOo can't speak 
English, BTW).  All have been running for a lot longer than ooo-dev and 
have long established procedures.  Yes they have both moderators and 
administrators as wide as a wider group known as the "Community of 
Volunteers" or just Volunteers for short.  All are actively policed.  
The admins and moderators are consensus appointments by the mods, admin 
and more importantly the Volunteers.

In the case of the EN forum, the moderators are:

* Hagar de l'Est 
(17,882 posts)
* acknak 

(11,539 posts)
* Villeroy 

(10,921 posts)
* TheGurkha 

(6,135 posts)
* DrewJensen 

(1,607 posts)
* foxcole 

(1,507 posts)

Forgive my if I don't list off them moderators for the other 8 forums, 
but you can register for any forum and its member lists / group.  Just 
remember to set the language to English first or you'll get lost.  :-)

Regards Terry

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