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From David McKay <>
Subject Re: A first try to remove some copyleft components from the build
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 20:04:43 GMT

On 18/07/11 20:50, Andy Brown wrote:
> Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> On 18.07.2011 20:21, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>>>> 1) xpdf (GPL'd) is a run dependency, this is linux/unix
>>>> specific. PDFBox may be a replacement.
>>> This component is used for the pdf import extension, not for OOo itself.
>>> The pdf import extension is not built by default, there is a configure
>>> switch to enable it in the build. In that case xpdf would be required. I
>>> think that this already fulfils the legal requirements that building
>>> lgpl code must be "opt-in". So as far as I can see, this is not a "to do".
>> Giving it one more thought: it would be still a to do if we wanted to
>> have a pdf import extension released by Apache. So perhaps a to do with
>> minor priority.
>> Regards,
>> Mathias
> If we do include the pdf import extension I would like to see it
> rewritten to do a better job of importing.  I have seen to many post in
> the forums about the way that it works.  My suggestion would be to drop
> it completely.
> Andy
A lot of the issues I see on the forum regarding the PDF extension are 
to do with expectation. People seem to think this extension is going to 
give them a full-blown PDF editor with the capabilities of the Adobe 
tools. When they discover it is for tiny corrections and typo fixes they 
feel let down. That's not to say there aren't any bugs in it, there may 
well be. But I don;t think the PDF extension was positioned or described 
sufficiently to provide users with the correct expectations.


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