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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: Apache CMS Workflow and a Key Question
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 16:59:07 GMT
Am 07/18/2011 06:31 PM, schrieb Pedro F. Giffuni:
> --- On Mon, 7/18/11, Marcus (OOo)<>  wrote:
> ...
>>> So, all is not necessarily lost - but it does depend
>>> on whether you want to reload the SVN repo.
>> I don't know how you thought about CVS but the respective
>> repo is already on SVN.
> I am confused. Apparently (I am a newcomer) OOo has moved
> from several VCSs:
> CVS -->  SVN -->  Hg -->  SVN (Apache)
> In each conversion one necessarily looses some information.
> Have we lost significant history during any of those conversions?
> Perhaps we can take a previous SVN (assumming it exists) and
> do the conversion progressively from there?
> Just wondering though.. I am sure the people doing this are
> taking their time for a reason ;).

Please don't mix things up. I'm talking about the SVN repo that has the 
website stuff and not the core source code of OOo.

Of course we want to keep the repo history of the OOo source code. But 
IMHO it's not necessary to keep itfor the website. Of course we can do 
this, too, if someone means it's important. But it would be the stuff 
from February, 23rd until today. The  older stuff is already lost.


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