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From imacat <>
Subject Re: Symphony contribution
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 01:59:43 GMT
    That's really a great news!  I've forward this message to our local
community. ^_*'

On 2011/07/14 06:00, Rob Weir said:
> I'm sending this with my IBM "hat".
> I'm going to be speaking at the ODF Plugfest in Berlin Friday
> afternoon, and will be making some announcements.  I wanted you to
> hear this first, before anyone else knows.
> You know about IBM Lotus Symphony, our free (as in beer) product which
> is based on OOo.  We're doing well with it, I think.  Along with
> various numerous interop, performance enhancements and functional/bug
> fixes, we've done some significant work in the accessibility and user
> interface in general.  If you saw recently, PC Magazine gave Symphony
> 3.0 its "Editors' Choice Award" [1].  In the review they praised the
> "interface that's been tweaked by IBM to make it by far the
> user-friendliest no-cost productivity suite, and one's that's friendly
> enough to rival the spacious and informative interface that Microsoft
> created for Office 2010 and that Apple created for iWork '09."  So the
> UI enhancements are getting some notice.
> However, we at IBM have not been exemplary community members when it
> came to  This wasn't necessarily by design, but for
> various reasons, that was the effect.  Yes, we participated in various
> community councils, and sponsored conferences and worked together on
> standards.  But when it came down to the code, we maintained Symphony
> essentially as a fork, and although we occasionally contributed code
> back, we did not do this well, or often.
> We'd like to make some changes in how we do things, and the fresh
> start at Apache is a good opportunity for this.
> We will be doing the following:
> First, we're going to contribute the standalone version of Lotus
> Symphony to the Apache project, under the Apache 2.0
> license.   We'll also work with project members to prioritize which
> pieces make sense to integrate into OpenOffice.  For example, we've
> already done a lot of work with replacing GPL/LPGL dependencies.
> Using the Symphony code could help accelerate that work and get us to
> an AOOo release faster.  We've already converted the help files to
> DITA, which could help accelerate that work, if we chose to go in that
> direction.
> Aside from the work that would help accelerate getting AOOo to our
> first release, we've also added other features that I think we should
> consider merging in.  For example, the IAccessible2 work which helps
> Symphony work better with assistive technology.    I know an older
> version of this work sits in an OOo CWS someplace, but it will be
> easier to integrate that work if we start with our latest code.  We've
> also added VBA macro support, which is great for MS Office interop.
> Also, as the PC Magazine review notes, we've done some really good UI
> work.  I invite you to download Symphony [2] and take a closer look at
> this.  Yes, it is different from what OOo has today.  And a move of
> that magnitude has an impact on documentation and translations as
> well.   But the feedback we've received from customers and reviewers
> is very positive.  Do we integrate parts of the Symphony UI?  That is
> something for the project to discuss and decide on.
> Finally, we will be proposing [3] a new incubation project at Apache,
> for the ODF Toolkit.  These Java libraries enable new kinds of
> lightweight document processing applications.  We think this would
> work well as an Apache project, and we look forward to moving that
> into incubation and developing that complementary project forward.
> So that's essentially what I'll be announcing on Friday.  The above
> contributions will occur over the next couple of months, starting with
> the ODF Toolkit.  I hope you see the exciting possibilities as much as
> I do.
> Regards,
> -Rob
> [1],2817,2387439,00.asp
> [2]
> [3]

Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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