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From Andy Brown <>
Subject Re: Commiters list
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 18:18:04 GMT
eric b wrote:

> I meant, when we compare : 
>  (1) with
>  (2)
> We retrieve people in (1) who did not sign the ICLA as stated in (1).
> But maybe the list on the wiki is not up to date ...

If you will compare with you will find that all the
committers on the first list are listed on the second list.  All have
submitted ICLAs and had an Apache ID and password issued by root@.

>> You should read the ICLA carefully before you decide that you can't or
>> don't want to sign it.
> I did. But I thought we could contribute with patches without sign it.

Anyone can submit patches but only committers can apply those patches.

>> Simply put, it's not about copyright, just about IP clearance and
>> licensing. Both are important aspects of every software project. It's
>> understandable that the ASF does not accept contributions where it is
>> unclear if the contributor has the necessary rights for the
>> contributed code.
> Yes, sure. IWe got students who would like to directly contribute to
>, and I'll forward the info.

To "directly contribute" a person has to be a committer, which at this
point means indirect submissions.  Once they prove themselves they can
be invited to be a full committer but then they have to have the ICLA on


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