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From Malte Timmermann <>
Subject Re: Symphony contribution
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 09:55:12 GMT
Hi Rob,

this is really interesting and great news! :)

Some comments inline...

On 14.07.2011 00:00, Rob Weir wrote:
 > ...
> However, we at IBM have not been exemplary community members when it
> came to


 > ..
> First, we're going to contribute the standalone version of Lotus
> Symphony to the Apache project, under the Apache 2.0
> license.   We'll also work with project members to prioritize which
> pieces make sense to integrate into OpenOffice.  For example, we've
> already done a lot of work with replacing GPL/LPGL dependencies.
> Using the Symphony code could help accelerate that work and get us to
> an AOOo release faster.

Really helpful! - Any overview which (L)GPL dependencies are still in place?

> We've already converted the help files to
> DITA, which could help accelerate that work, if we chose to go in that
> direction.

Interesting option, especially now that we can we can expect a bigger 
contribution here, instead of doing this from scratch.

> ...
> Aside from the work that would help accelerate getting AOOo to our
> first release, we've also added other features that I think we should
> consider merging in.  For example, the IAccessible2 work which helps
> Symphony work better with assistive technology.    I know an older
> version of this work sits in an OOo CWS someplace, but it will be
> easier to integrate that work if we start with our latest code.

The IA2 stuff that we have in OOo CWSes is based on Lotus Symphony 3, 
contributed when Symphony was based on OOo 3.1 while OOo 3.3 was already 
the current version. I doubt that the code base for Symphony was 
upgraded meanwhile, or that there have been enhancements to IA2 

Believe me - getting IA2 in the OOo 3.4 code base was really a larger 
effort than expected, for different reasons. Integration work is almost 
complete and available in different CWSes, but not everything was 
published yet.

I can (after my vacation) write about the IA2 migration details and 
status in a separate mail if someone is interested.

> Finally, we will be proposing [3] a new incubation project at Apache,
> for the ODF Toolkit.  These Java libraries enable new kinds of
> lightweight document processing applications.  We think this would
> work well as an Apache project, and we look forward to moving that
> into incubation and developing that complementary project forward.

Not sure - how does this belong in an email about "Symphony 
contribution"? I am sure Symphony, or at least Symphony Live, is a 
consumer of that toolkit, but...

Also, I must admit that I didn't follow the older emails on this ODF 
Toolkit discussion here, but how would that make a difference for AOOo?
ODF Toolkit already is an open source project with AL2, so for AOOo, it 
doesn't make a difference where it is hosted.
I agree that it would be nice to have it here in parallel to AOOo, so we 
have all the ODF power here, but I don't see it as a priority, compared 
to get AOOo running.

> ... The above
> contributions will occur over the next couple of months, starting with
> the ODF Toolkit.

For getting AOOo running, it would be great if you could start with the 
(L)GPL replacement stuff :)

Best regards,

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