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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: Symphony contribution
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 23:48:01 GMT
Am 07/14/2011 12:00 AM, schrieb Rob Weir:
> I'm sending this with my IBM "hat".
> I'm going to be speaking at the ODF Plugfest in Berlin Friday
> afternoon, and will be making some announcements.  I wanted you to
> hear this first, before anyone else knows.

Great, thanks for this.

> [...]
> We will be doing the following:
> First, we're going to contribute the standalone version of Lotus
> Symphony to the Apache project, under the Apache 2.0
> license.   We'll also work with project members to prioritize which
> pieces make sense to integrate into OpenOffice.  For example, we've
> already done a lot of work with replacing GPL/LPGL dependencies.
> Using the Symphony code could help accelerate that work and get us to
> an AOOo release faster.  We've already converted the help files to
> DITA, which could help accelerate that work, if we chose to go in that
> direction.

This looks like a very big step as you giveup your separat development - 
at least I understand it this way.

Maybe you could tell us a bit more about when you plan to integrate the 
selected code pieces? The reason for asking is the following:

I hope that we first can stabilize the original OOo code to get the 
first release done - the OOo 3.4 is (OK, was) already in Beta mode, so 
just a few more fixes and then we would have our release. Now at Apache 
we may have to work on some dependencies to eleminate which otherwise 
would prevent an official release. But I think also this is doable 
within this year.

After the release is done we can make the big step to integrate the 
Symphony code and move towards a new release.

An alternative would be to stabilize the 3.4 code and then branching, so 
that we have a release branch 
(.../repos/asf/incubator/ooo/branches/ooo34) and the normal dev branch 
(.../repos/asf/incubator/ooo/trunk/). Then it's possible to work on both 
- if we have enough man power to do both in parallel. ;-)

I hope you have the same process in mind. Otherwise if you thought about 
to integrate the Symphony stuff and then doing our first release at 
Apache, I fear it will need much more time then just a few months.

> For example, the IAccessible2 work which helps
> Symphony work better with assistive technology.    I know an older
> version of this work sits in an OOo CWS someplace, but it will be
> easier to integrate that work if we start with our latest code.

Malte is knowing this part best and I hope he can help to integrate this 

> Also, as the PC Magazine review notes, we've done some really good UI
> work.  I invite you to download Symphony [2] and take a closer look at
> this.  Yes, it is different from what OOo has today.  And a move of
> that magnitude has an impact on documentation and translations as
> well.   But the feedback we've received from customers and reviewers
> is very positive.  Do we integrate parts of the Symphony UI?  That is
> something for the project to discuss and decide on.

Shame on me as I don't know much about Symphony yet but looking at the 
screenshots the tabbed documents looks like a great feature.

> So that's essentially what I'll be announcing on Friday.  The above
> contributions will occur over the next couple of months, starting with
> the ODF Toolkit.  I hope you see the exciting possibilities as much as
> I do.

Sure, I really do.

Finally, I wish you much fun at Berlin, enjoy the beers and have save 
trips. :-)


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