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From David McKay <>
Subject Re: (was Re: Ooo blog)
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2011 12:34:51 GMT

On 09/07/11 13:24, Peter Junge wrote:
> On 09.07.2011 20:02, David McKay wrote:
>> My preference has nothing to do with blogs, it is purely a naming and
>> branding issue. Formally, was always written as
>> by those who knew, but colloquially/informally it was
>> always talked about as OpenOffice. I agree we need to maintain ties with
>> the legacy and history of, but the removal of the .org
>> isn't going to jeopardise that.
> This was always a trademark issue, just two quick examples:
> Siemens has a trademarked product called HiPath OpenOffice [1], 
> there's also a IT service provider in the Netherlands who has 
> registered Open Office [2] and AFAIK there are many more to consider 
> in other countries. We had exactly the same discussion a million 
> times, which came always to the conclusion we *must* use 
> Please spare us the one million and first deja vu. 
Point taken. But  at the same time, being new here, this is my first, 
not my million and first :)
> Over the year we got used to it. The community that has landed on 
> Apache's shores is the community.
> As to the differentiation of and Apache, 
> I would propose to use the latter for the project and the community 
> now, but keeping the former for the branding of the product.
I can't help wondering though if HiPath OpenOffice is not a problem for 
Siemens (and presumably other trademark holders)
why Apache openOffice would be/cause a problem for us.

But no one needs answer that - I'm done.
> Best regards,
> Peter
> [1]
> [2]
>> Dave.
>> On 09/07/11 12:55, Javier Sola wrote:
>>> Why does the name need to be changed? Is there any value in adding
>>> "Apache" to the name?
>>> I really think that the name is one of the most important assets of
>>> the project at this time.
>>> We have spent quite a lot of effort in the last few years promoting
>>> the OpenOffice (or OpenOffice,org) name, to the point that it is part
>>> of the approved IT policies of some countries.
>>> I have worked to get OpenOffice into the textbooks of two countries...
>>> and it would be a pain to explain to them now that Apache OpenOffice
>>> or Apache Office will be installed instead, even if it is the same
>>> thing... It was exactly the same problem as changing to LibreOffice,
>>> the name is a key reason not to change.
>>> If there is a technical problem with blogs... then it should be solved
>>> technically, not by changing the name of the product.
>>> Javier
>>> Pavel Janík wrote:
>>>>> Why? Out of the folk on the OOo forum who expressed an opinion to
>>>>> me, no one liked it. It was a perpetual reminder that the product
>>>>> couldn't be called what they really wanted it to be called:
>>>>> OpenOffice. I greatly prefer Apache OpenOffice to Apache
>>>> The product and the project WAS If we want to change
>>>> it, then why not directly Apache Office?

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