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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: When does one become a committer?
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 19:44:55 GMT

On Jul 23, 2011, at 11:40 AM, Rob Weir wrote:

> After we vote in a new committer, there are several steps that follow,
> including sending them an note telling them they've been voted in,
> having them return an iCLA, waiting for the iCLA to be recorded,
> choosing an Apache ID, getting an Apache account, etc.

I believe it's our choice, but there might be a minimum. I think that everything after the
recording of the ICLA is mechanical and sometimes takes many days.

Maybe the policy should something like this -

(1) An individual *IS* an Apache OOo committer as soon as the following three conditions are

 - the ICLA is recorded.
 - the PPMC has passed a committer VOTE and sent the RESULTS to the Incubator PMC. (or they
are an Initial Committer)
 - the individual accepts being a Committer by sending an email to the PPMC - ooo-private@i.a.o

(2) Individuals are *ENABLED* to commit Apache OOo committers as soon as the conditions for
(1) plus the following:

 - when their Apache ID is activated and karma to the SVN is granted.

(3) An individual *IS* an Apache OOo PPMC member as soon as following conditions are met.

- the individual *IS* an Apache OOo committer.
- the PPMC has passed a PPMC membership VOTE and sent the RESULTS to the Incubator PMC. (or
they are an Initial Committer)
- the individual accepts PPMC membership by joining the ooo-private@i.a.o and sending an email
accepting membership.

I think that all other rights and duties are attained as soon as the *IS* condition is true.

Becoming a Committer and PPMC member will often be combined

> At what point are they considered officially to be a committer?  For
> example, at what point can they veto a code modification?

In order to have a binding veto, PPMC membership is required, otherwise everyone on ooo-dev
can veto.

Anyone who is *ENABLED* to commit can undo, but it is bad form to do it without a discussion.
So, the general rule of vetoing with technical explanation and offering an alternative applies.

> I'm trying to better understand the status of those who never complete
> the above set of steps.

If we use the policy outlined above then the individual has status as soon as they accept
that status and provided an ICLA.

Now there is the question of whether the project has a time limit for individuals to accept,
acknowledge and attain Committer and/or PPMC status.

If there is a time limit then it needs to start at a known point in time. A clear choice is
the VOTE. For Initial Committers this would be June 13, 2011 when the Apache OOo Incubator
VOTE passed.

- the PPMC passes a Committer and/or PPMC VOTE (for an Initial Committer June 13, 2011.)


- files an ICLA, if this was not done before the vote.
- the individual accepts by emailing and/or joining the ooo-private@i.a.o mailing list.

I think it is disruptive to the community if there is no time limit to the invitation. But
at the same time any time limit is somewhat arbitrary. No response to an invitation to join
a community is anti-social, and shows lack of commitment.

A 90 day time limit is generous.

If the time limit is too short for an individual to get proper corporate sign off and a possible
CCLA then I am sure we would accept an ICLA and the individual's care in knowing when it is
safe for them to commit changes to SVN or otherwise make any contribution requiring a CCLA.


> -Rob

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