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From Graham Lauder <>
Subject RE: Suggestion for OOo branding...
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 05:09:41 GMT
On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 13:40 -0700, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Having thought about it some more, I think it is undesirable to use ODF as an identifier
in the icons that are established by specific products.  
> We are confusing application association and format.  
> Furthermore, if there is to be an agreement on such icons as generic to the format, it
should be arrived at as a wider agreement than one made within or LibreOffice
> This thread is about OOo branding, and collapsing that onto a matter of ODF "branding"
is troublesome for me.  Anything about ODF should be product-agnostic.
>  - Dennis
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> From: Andrea Pescetti [] 
> Sent: Friday, July 22, 2011 06:39
> To:
> Subject: Re: Suggestion for OOo branding...
> Gianluca Turconi wrote:
> > this issue of the colored icons has been considered a major one
> > for several time in the Italian OOo community, both for usability and
> > brand reasons.
> Indeed. To add to the links already seen in other messages, the 
> community (actually, the names in the "iTeam" were all 
> from Oracle, even though everyone could join)

Heh, I tried to join one of the "anybody-can-join" I-Teams and got the
short shift from an Oracle staffer

>  was (is?) working at a 
> redesign described in
> However, that was still a bit unsatisfactory for the community at large, 
> since it didn't address the color problem (see mockups and guidelines at 
> the links above).

To be considering such a small part of the branding strategy at this
point is premature in any case.  The default iconset should be a
decision that is made as a part of an overall branding strategy with UX
and Art teams as well. There are more significant decisions to be made

However on the "ODF" branding, I'm with Dennis, application and format
should be separate.  I suspect that the original reasoning behind the
ODF thing was a corporate strategy to wave OOo as the primary
application for producing compliant ODF documents.  The trend,
especially in Europe, was towards mandating ODF in Govt and so they
wanted to ride the coattails of that move.

If OASIS comes up with a branding/icon strategy for ODF compliant
documents then we should look at offering a set that fits that strategy
but until then, we should stick with what makes for the best User
Experience for our User Base.

The LibreOffice guys used the OOo 3 icons for theirs, that followed the
StarOffice stylised "S" in various colours with the gulls substituted
for the butterfly.  Interestingly OOo 2 used a similar style but with
the "S" reversed but with the same colours, obviously to differentiate
it from SO.


For a little history on the icon discussion: 


> Regards,
>    Andrea.

Graham Lauder, MarCon (Marketing Contact) NZ Migration and training Consultant.

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