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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: *Solaris support - WAS What is the advantage of the Apache Fork?
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 03:20:37 GMT
Rob's traveling, so I'll try my hand at this.  (We're all new here, some are just newer than
others, but someone will have had experience with the Oracle/Sun projects and
may have some insight into what it takes to support Solaris distributions.)

First, you're in the right place at

The code base isn't here yet, so it is a little tricky what to do first.  How the code will
be used from Apache is different than how it is obtained and used from the current

I've never attempted what I am going to suggest, so we can hope that more experienced point
out the error of my ways.

 - Dennis


1. Diving all the way down,

It seems like the first thing for you or someone working with you to do is find a way to build
a release on Solaris from the source code.  Since 3.3.0 was built for both Solaris x86 and
Sparc, you should be able to determine what it takes for that distribution (with integration
of all of the localizations).

The distributions and the source code is available at <>.
 Look at the src_* files at the end.  Notice the significant size of the source code.

Rebuilding an existing stable build is the easiest way to confirm that you have it working.

You'll need to roam around the Developers information, including information about the build
environment: <>.  (I can't vouch for how current
any of this is.)

There will be differences on Apache, but the job there will be to replicate one or more of
the builds too, so your experience would be useful.

You can count on source code being at Apache.  Who builds binaries and where they are built
and available is not completely resolved at the moment. There has to be some degree of coordination,
since a problem building for a particular platform can reflect back to the source code and
the associated tools.

You can get more details by asking around here and maybe even on the Community Wiki.

2. Coming back up a few levels, there is probably attention needed at the deployment and lifecycle

As an Solaris user, you know what that was like and what the resource specific
to the distribution were and need to be.

3. The trick is to have those with the necessary skills and willingness to donate their energies
show up and participate as needed for the Solaris distribution(s).  It's all about volunteers.

My only suggestion there is to ask around on this list for those who have any experience with
the Solaris distributions, their construction and their support.

 - Dennis

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From: Jerry Kemp [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 15:54
To:; Rob Weir
Subject: *Solaris support - WAS What is the advantage of the Apache Fork?

Hello Rob,

I am interested in providing support for Solaris/Solaris distro's, to
the extent of my capability.

As I am new to this community, and I am assuming that you are not, how
do I move forward?

Please email me off line if that is that is what is appropriate.

Jerry Kemp

On 07/07/11 18:26, Rob Weir wrote:

> There are two questions embedded in this:
> 1) Will AOOo maintain the Solaris port?
> 2) Will AOOo release Solaris binaries?
> I'd certainly encourage us to do #1, provided that we have volunteers
> with Solaris expertise on the project to test, fix errors, etc.,
> related to that port.  Are you able to help with this? Or can you help
> by introducing some possible volunteers to this list?

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