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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Committers and Contributors and PPMC
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 18:59:37 GMT
It is important to distinguish between contributors generally and the subset of contributors
who happen to be committers.  There are technical prerequisites and prerogatives to being
a committer.
Many people have been contributors to when it was under the stewardship of
Sun and Oracle.  Many of those individuals, and others, are contributing here via the ooo-dev
list, the community wiki, and even submission of patches.  Contribution of code and patches
and bug reports is currently rather limited until the code base has moved and there is an
issue tracker in place.  There is opportunity for extensive contribution of all kinds.

All contributions matter and a lively contributor community is critical.  The committers simply
have more they can do with regard to making changes directly rather than submitting them to
a committer for review and acceptance.

Not all committers are on the PPMC (and, although rare in practice, not all PPMC members need
be committers).  The Initial Committers are also invited to be PPMC members and it is their
option to join or not.  Ordinarily, invitation of a committer to join the PPMC is done separately.

The PPMC deals with private matters (e.g., the invitation of committers and PPMC members)
and security issues that require discretion and secrecy leading up to resolution.  

It is my impression (based on no experience at all) that when issues come to a vote on the
ooo-dev list, PPMC member votes are binding and the votes of other project contributors and
observers are not, although I am confident that non-binding votes are given careful attention.

 - Dennis

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From: eric b [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 10:12
Subject: Re: Commiters list


Le 14 juil. 11 à 18:50, Frank Peters a écrit :

> Eric,
>> On this page 
>> openofficeorg.html ,
>> there is a list of commiters. So far, I participated to the incubator
>> project, and I thought I was counted in the list.
> are you a committer (i.e. do you have commit rights)?

I'm listed on the incubator wiki page : 

As "Initial Commiter"

>> Did I miss something ? How to be added in the list ?
> Become a committer. I think you will need to be invited by the PPMC.

I'm not sure to understand the "not invited".  As reminder, I'm developer since 2005, and did a lot for

I really wonder what happens.

> But for that, you will need to sign a CLA which you do not want to  
> do as you stated earlier.

In the current list, not everybody signed the ICLA, so why is it  
important ?

Eric Bachard

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