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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Initial Committers vs. Established Committers
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 18:13:13 GMT
All individuals who listed themselves as Initial Committers on the approved proposal for the
Apache incubator project are automatically eligible to become podling committers
and PPMC members.  Initial Committers do not require a vote at the PPMC to be invited.

It is the invitation that is automatic, not the establishment of the individual as a committer.
 (There will likely be a time limit after which the automatic Initial Committer invitations
will have expired.  No limit has been set at this time.)

All individuals who are currently established committers for the podling are listed here by
their assigned Apache user names: <>.

There are prerequisites to becoming an established committer.  The listed committers have
satisfied those prerequisites.

Prerequisite #1 is having registered an iCLA with the foundation.  There are no exceptions.
 Instructions and the form for an iCLA are here: <>.
 (Anyone can register an iCLA and many have done so without becoming established committers.)

The PPMC notices when an Initial Committer (or invited committer) has registered an iCLA (and
appears at <>). There is follow-up
to guide the Initial Committer through the next steps, including setup of an Apache user name/ID.

Personal questions concerning committer status, the process, and any other concerns can be
made privately to the PPMC by sending a message to (do not
copy ooo-dev@ in any private communications).

 - Dennis

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From: eric b [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 09:14
Subject: Commiters list


On this page 
openofficeorg.html , there is a list of commiters.  So far, I  
participated to the incubator project, and I thought I was counted in  
the list.
Did I miss something ? How to be added in the list ?

Thanks in advance for any hint,
Eric Bachard

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