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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: ooo-dev list subscriber stats?
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 20:05:58 GMT
For balance, I recommend lurking on [libreoffice-users] and [libreoffice-documentation].  The
developers list (counterpart of ooo-dev, right down to patch pushing), [libreoffice] is part
of a separate system.  This list is useful, especially for the tech steering committee minutes,
and it may provide more visibility on issues that are being addressed in current builds, betas,
and release candidates there.  

For reasons that escape me, there are user, documentation and technical issues on the
and some on the lists too.

 - Dennis

PS: I have not seen any discussion of Apache OOo recently on any of these.  

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From: Dave Fisher [] 
Sent: Friday, July 08, 2011 06:53
Subject: Re: ooo-dev list subscriber stats?

On Jul 8, 2011, at 6:41 AM, Rob Weir wrote:

> Is there a way for list moderators to get a tally of list subscribers?
> Or is this an admin permission?

On another thread and list I saw this:

"Email ooo-dev-help@ from your moderator address for more information."

> I'm interesting in knowing how many people are currently subscribed,
> especially a sense of the ratio of "lurkers" to active participants,
> contributors to users, etc.  This could be one indication of whether
> we are ready for a ooo-user list now.

I have been lurking on - there have been approximately 130 emails since
June 24. Not a very high volume I haven't seen anything regarding Apache OOo.


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