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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] <Initial Committer>: Apache Initial Committer Status
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 18:57:01 GMT
Here is what I propose based on the discussion so far:
 1. Make the modifications to the message already proposed, but without addition of any kind
of deadline.  Simply request their intentions to file an iCLA (and by when) or not.  I do
want to be gracious and accept that there may be many difficulties in understanding and in

 2. Not take any action on that message until after 2011-07-27 when I will have returned from
OSCON and can review further discussion on this list.  I would like to send the message by

 3. On 2011-08-18, send all of those who have not responded at all a message saying that the
time limit for their responding is 2011-09-15 and if there has been no response, the invitation
to serve as an Initial Committer will be withdrawn.  They can of course join ooo-dev and contribute
in any manner they choose at any time.

  - Dennis


Initial Committer status is the exception, not the rule.

It was also exceptional that the proposal accepted anyone who added their name
to the proposal wiki page as an Initial Committer.

We want to move from the initial bootstrap to operating as a regular podling and PPMC, first
to operate smoothly and secondly to qualify for graduation to a full Top-Level Project (TLP)
and PPMC.

We have 20 people on the Initial Committer list who did not show up and that have not responded
since reminded of their opportunity on June 23.  

The *only* time limit I believe we are discussing are any of those who are non-responsive
to the next e-mail reminder and request for their intentions.  For those who do respond, what
we do will depend on their response. I, for one, want to support them any way we can to establish
themselves as committers if that is their desire.

I don't know what to do about language issues.  I reviewed the list and there are at least
five different languages represented, perhaps more.  The best we could do for that is provide
the English text followed by a translation into a language that the recipient might be more
comfortable with.  That leaves open the question of how comfortable will they be as committers
and PPMC members where the working language is only English.

-----Original Message-----
From: IngridvdM [] 
Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2011 10:46
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] <Initial Committer>: Apache Initial Committer

Am 23.07.2011 18:51, schrieb Dave Fisher:
> On Jul 23, 2011, at 9:29 AM, IngridvdM wrote:
>> Please find my comments inline.
>> Am 23.07.2011 14:45, schrieb Marcus (OOo):
>>> And for this we have to define a deadline. My suggestion is still end of
>>> July or latestly end of August.
>> No given reason has convinced me of the necessity of a deadline here.
> While there is ample reason to have a generous deadline, I haven't heard a good reason
not to have a deadline.
In general one can avoid a lot of unnecessary work while doing only 
those things where is a good reason to do them.
In contrast doing all things where is no good reason against leaves one 
with a lot more todos ;-)
Really this argument is about not becoming too bureaucratic.

But my other argument is that I feel it is socially alienating if we are 
threatening people with deadlines without giving them a reason for it. 
My impression was that Wolf Halton has felt the same. He has asked for a 
reason, but not gotten an answer yet.

So in the end I think those who are voting for a deadline need to 
provide a good reasons to do so.

Kind regards,

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