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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: PPMC Membership and Responsibilities
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2011 18:43:13 GMT
I think you'll find that there is far less micro-managing and contributor-impeding process
on Apache.  Organization structure is very "flat."  Recognition of contributions and invitations
to becoming a committer will probably happen regularly, especially after the Oracle contribution
is in hand and there is code, web content, documentation, and issue lists to work with.  There
are immense opportunities for contributions.

One place where Apache is pretty strict has to do with toolcraft and the tools that must be
used (e.g., the CMS for web sites and Subversion for practically everything).  These tools
are used across Apache for non-technical as well as technical reasons.  They fit into the
visibility of everything that happens (the Subversion commit messages include diffs) and the
reversibility of anything that is found to be undesirable or incorrect.  The other area where
Apache is rigorous has to do with IP and ensuring that Apache-provided code is clean and under
the Apache license.

There are also trademark and legal requirements that will come up once the
trademark is transferred to Apache as expected.  We don't know how that will work at this

Also, everything is recorded and visible on the public lists.  No IRC decisions are made.
 It all happens in public.  The only private activities have to do with human-resource (personally-private)
matters, non-disclosed security issues, and anything where privacy is required for legal reasons.

I think the first hurdle for existing OpenOffice and LibreOffice contributors is the iCLA.
 This bothers some people but Apache is unyielding about this requirement for committers.
 It, along with clearly tracing the contributions to code, is part of assurance that Apache-licensed
content is IP-clean.

The second hurdle happens with regard to toolcraft.  As a mostly non-developer Windows-lover,
that is the biggest learning curve for me.  It has inspired me to resume writing code on some
private projects, though.  And I wanted to become more proficient with *nix-based systems
anyhow. Just not so quickly [;<).

Welcome back from Mallorca!

 - Dennis

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From: Pavel Janík [] 
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2011 10:32
Subject: Re: PPMC Membership and Responsibilities


On Jul 16, 2011, at 7:15 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:

> The Initial Committers are listed on this page: 
> <>.
 The list was closed on 2011-06-10 when voting on the incubator proposal commenced.

then I missed it enjoying flowering magnolias at Mallorca :-) I'll work on AOOo despite this
fact as I did on OOo in the past.

Thanks for details.
Pavel Janík

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