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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Introduction
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 13:50:56 GMT
	Hi all,

nice to see a vital discussion around OOo code at Apache - so I want to 
join and introduce myself. Let me first mention that I am here privately 
and all statements/opinions in this environment will be just my own 
(IANAL, but should be sufficient :-)).

I live in Hamburg, Germany, which is a nice place in summer time when 
the weather is good. If we have the good known 'sub-optimal' weather, 
there is always some time to spend on things You can do inside, e.g. 
programming :-)

I am working on StarOffice/ full time since I joined 
StarDivision in July 1996. I started one year with StarMoney, but 
quickly moved over to the graphics stuff which is my passion. I worked 
on Impress for some years and became quickly responsible for the 

I did the first 3D engine (3rd generation of it now active), UI and 
interaction stuff, dialogs, functional extensions and so on. I'm also 
responsible for binfilter which removed the binary streaming from the 
graphics core and allowed to make bigger changes to the cores at all.

(Maybe this is a good place to mention that my plan always was to do 
binfilter as binary independent module with UNO API once and in only one 
revision so that it could be added to any later office as binary; the 
decision to add it to the repository and have to build it all the time 
is form my POV a waste of time and space with nearly no advantages, but 
even risks...)

Besides features/bugfixes I did a lot of cleanups, bigger and smaller 
ones. Examples are the first transition step/refactoring of the 
DrawingLayer to some more modern state (Primitives, see 
which enabled AntiAliasing, better interactions (all with preview), 
enhanced text cursors, flicker-free visualisations in all apps and 
opened more possibilities for the future of the code/project.

I want to join since I'm in the middle for the next big refactoring for 
DrawingLayer, the change of the core to double precision and 
transformations. This includes model, view and controller changes, 
adaptions of all DrawingLayer users (11 currently) and more common 
cleanups, removals and simplifications. This is currently in CWS aw080 
based on DEV300_m106 (most here will know what that means :-)). We are 
talking about work in progress for a year already, a diff with 340.000 
lines and over 3.300 files changed (see hg infos for the CWS yourself if 
interested in details). It will take some more time to finish that, but 
it would be too sad to lose the option for more speed, better precision 
and easier handling for the graphic objects.

This is also the reason I want to demand that current CWSes *should* be 
migrated to Apache, too, not only head to not lose man-years of effort. 
I've seen (correct me if I'm wrong) that this is planned. It is also 
clear that for something like those changes a CWS mechanism is 
absolutely necessary. You want work like that to happen inside a branch, 
with frequent merges from trunk.

Another thing which gives me some headache in this case: Those big 
refactoring CWSes most often contain renames/moves/deletes of files, so 
I would prefer a 100% bullet-proof way of retaining that information 
inside the used CVS (e.g. subversion or git would do).

Enough said about that. I also like SF literature, playing games, my old 
car, vacations in France, Florida or (if possible) Australia, red wine 
and good food (who doesn't).

BTW: What will happen to the bug datatbase? Are there plans already or 
do all tasks have to be found again...?

kind regards
	Armin Le Grand

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